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Sadako Sasaki

I will write Peace on your wings ~ and you will fly all over the world !

  • Thousend Cranes for Peace Network:
  • http://rosella.apana.org.au/~mlb/cranes/index.htm
  • Today, in Hiroshima's Peace Park, there is a statue of Sadako standing on top of a granite pedestal *holding a golden crane in her outstretched arms. At its base a plaque reads:
  • This is our cry.''
  • This is our prayer.''
  • Peace in the world.''
  • Every year, children from around the world fold cranes and send them to Hiroshima
  • where they are placed around the statue.
  • Because of Sadako, the paper crane has become an international symbol of peace.
  • ErnstGruber

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