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Semantic Dictionary

This is an experimental Wiki based on a modified kind of "Basic English", which was created in the 40's by the English linguist Charles K. Ogden. ...

Please have always in mind:

  • Basic English is NOT English
  • This wiki is not meant as an authentical interpretation of CKO's work
Please look into his books to understand what this is all about. This wiki will neither try to teach you the CKO's ideas nor will it follow them exactly. The idea is to develop a formal language that may be used to represent world knowledge (as we might want to do in a computer) also including technical, philosophical, analytical and system theoretical facts and relationsships.

-- DseWiki:HelmutLeitner, Aug 2002

Variable NeedStatusEdit:

Words written in pure upper case are basic words (about 850) and will link automatically.

Please to not add to this basic words without discussion.

All words in this dictionary should be defined by using basic words only, if at all possible.

Work to do:

Words that are derived from these basic words by adding

Variable WordAutoStrip:

automatically link to the basic words. This is a kind of extension to "automatic plural reduction".

What's the different between Sm:HOUSE and Sm:house -- RalfEbert?

I think that Sm:house should be deleted (or it should contain a redirection to HOUSE; or it should automatically be redirected to HOUSE)

How I can differentiate different meaning of the same word. For example building:
    • meaning described in Sm:building
    • The occupation, business or art of constructing ( De:Bau)
    • The act or process of erecting or establishing ( De:Bauen)
Perhaps this way (I just try)

In this case it will be better to write
sorry for the lower case, but I don't know, which words are basic words -- rae

I have the same problem and I'm just learning the basic words by trying to define them (I did for about 100 words). The basic words are general and I think it will not be possible to get exact equivalence for all words. Maybe DESIGN is the word for construction, maybe we must add a word CONSTRUCTION (it is not entirely clear how Ogden chose some words, see: FolderDoubtful and FolderBasicAddedHl). For "erecting" I'm pretty sure that Ogden would have used "MAKE BUILDING" or "PROCESS OF MAKEING A BUILDING" (note the regular -ING).

Sorry, but the ART OF DESIGN is corresponding to the German word 'designen', which has a completely different meaning. ART OF BUILDING is exacter to describe De:Bau. -- rae

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