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                           EuroPLoP 2007
                    12th European Conference on
                   Pattern Languages of Programs
                           July 4-8, 2007
                 Irsee Monastery, Bavaria, Germany

                 Call For Papers and Participation
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EuroPLoP is the premier European conference on patterns. The
conference offers a variety of tracks and workshops that allow you
to learn about patterns, to receive feedback on your own work, and
to discuss with fellow enthusiasts. It is a unique venue to exchange
knowledge about best practices and learn from other experts in
various fields.


Traditionally these fields are focussed on but not limited to
software development. Example topic areas at previous EuroPLoPs

- Software development
- Software design and architecture
- Software management and development processes
- Human computer interaction
  (e.g., user-interface aspects or novel modes of interaction)
- Education
  (ranging from professional training to classroom teaching)
- Business and organizational questions


EuroPLoP accepts papers containing patterns or pattern languages as
well as experience reports and other papers related to the theory
and use of patterns. EuroPLoP 2007 will be held July 4-8, 2007 in
the Irsee Monastery, Germany. Join us for an experience that will
combine outstanding technical events with a visit to the lovely
Bavarian countryside.

More concretely, this means that we solicit submissions in the
following categories:

Pattern papers

Short papers containing one or more patterns, longer pattern
languages or sequences, work-in-progress papers by newcomers which
get an in-depth shepherding by an experienced pattern author at the

Proven practices papers [track introduced 2006]:

Papers about the craft of writing software or patterns, papers about
the concept of patterns and proven practices in general, case
studies of patterns in action, or papers about software development
communities of practice

Focus group proposals:

Focus groups are free-format discussion groups or workshops which
bring together people who are interested in a challenging topic
related to patterns or proven practices. Non-conventional ideas such
as goldfish bowls are welcome.

Please feel free to contact the program chair ( with
any questions about format and content that you might have before
submitting a paper.


The main track of EuroPLoP will be organized as a series of writers'
workshops where authors work together to improve their papers.
Before pattern or other papers are accepted for a writers' workshop,
they are shepherded (non-anonymously). This means that an
experienced author will discuss your submission with you, so that
you can refine your paper prior to the conference. All submissions
will be peer-reviewed by the members of the program committee.

For submissions in fields different to software development, we ask
you to list a selection of domain experts. The program committee may
contact these people to receive additional feedback.

Authors should limit a submission to material that can be covered in
a writers' workshop session. This is generally ten pages or less.
Please contact the program chairs if you plan to submit papers that
significantly exceed this size. The EuroPLoP proceedings are
published in book form by the publisher Universitaetsverlag Konstanz
after the conference.


Submission deadline: January 31, 2007
Start of shepherding: February 12, 2007
Acceptance notification: April 29, 2007
Conference: July 4-8, 2007

All submissions should be submitted in electronic form (in PDF
format) by email to the program chair and the conference chair.


Program Chair: Lise B. Hvatum,
Conference Chair: Till Schuemmer,

For more information, please visit

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