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Der folgende Ausschnitt stammt aus dem Originalsource von "class Arrays" und sollte alle Fragen beantworten, die sich in Bezug auf eine weitere Optimierbarkeit von "sort" stellen:

    public static void sort(Object[] a) {
        Object aux[] = (Object[])a.clone();
        mergeSort(aux, a, 0, a.length);

     * Sorts the specified range of the specified array of objects into
     * ascending order, according to the <i>natural ordering</i> of its
     * elements.  All elements in this range must implement the
     * <tt>Comparable</tt> interface.  Furthermore, all elements in this range
     * must be <i>mutually comparable</i> (that is, <tt>e1.compareTo(e2)</tt>
     * must not throw a <tt>ClassCastException</tt> for any elements
     * <tt>e1</tt> and <tt>e2</tt> in the array).<p>
     * This sort is guaranteed to be <i>stable</i>:  equal elements will
     * not be reordered as a result of the sort.<p>
     * The sorting algorithm is a modified mergesort (in which the merge is
     * omitted if the highest element in the low sublist is less than the
     * lowest element in the high sublist).  This algorithm offers guaranteed
     * n*log(n) performance, and can approach linear performance on nearly
     * sorted lists.
     * @param a the array to be sorted.
     * @param fromIndex the index of the first element (inclusive) to be
     *        sorted.
     * @param toIndex the index of the last element (exclusive) to be sorted.
     * @throws IllegalArgumentException if <tt>fromIndex > toIndex</tt>
     * @throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if <tt>fromIndex < 0</tt> or
     *	       <tt>toIndex > a.length</tt>
     * @throws    ClassCastException if the array contains elements that are
     *		  not <i>mutually comparable</i> (for example, strings and
     *		  integers).
     * @see Comparable
    public static void sort(Object[] a, int fromIndex, int toIndex) {
        rangeCheck(a.length, fromIndex, toIndex);
        Object aux[] = (Object[])a.clone();  // Optimization opportunity
        mergeSort(aux, a, fromIndex, toIndex);

    private static void mergeSort(Object src[], Object dest[],
                                  int low, int high) {
	int length = high - low;

	// Insertion sort on smallest arrays
	if (length < 7) {
	    for (int i=low; i<high; i++)
		for (int j=i; j>low &&
                 ((Comparable)dest[j-1]).compareTo((Comparable)dest[j])>0; j--)
		    swap(dest, j, j-1);

        // Recursively sort halves of dest into src
        int mid = (low + high)/2;
        mergeSort(dest, src, low, mid);
        mergeSort(dest, src, mid, high);

        // If list is already sorted, just copy from src to dest.  This is an
        // optimization that results in faster sorts for nearly ordered lists.
        if (((Comparable)src[mid-1]).compareTo((Comparable)src[mid]) <= 0) {
           System.arraycopy(src, low, dest, low, length);

        // Merge sorted halves (now in src) into dest
        for(int i = low, p = low, q = mid; i < high; i++) {
            if (q>=high || p<mid && ((Comparable)src[p]).compareTo(src[q])<=0)
                dest[i] = src[p++];
                dest[i] = src[q++];

     * Swaps x[a] with x[b].
    private static void swap(Object x[], int a, int b) {
	Object t = x[a];
	x[a] = x[b];
	x[b] = t;

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