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RonJeffries, 01.05.2002 in news:comp.software.extreme-programming ( http://groups.google.de/groups?selm=toivcuktsgd8vpo67r4shuqbq0ct4e6mr6@4ax.com&output=gplain )

Here's a challenge: type a description of a deck of cards into Word or Excel or your favorite tool. Just Hearts 1, Hearts 2, Spades King, and so on. Hand a deck of real cards to someone else.

Now each of you arrange your cards with all the even ones in one pile and the odds in another. Now arrange them by color. Now arrange them with the even reds and odd blacks in one pile and the rest in another.

Now decide that the even hearts are really frogs instead of hearts. You edit your file, your friend writes "frog" on each of the even hearts.

Wait, I changed my mind. The 4 and 6 of frogs are hearts after all.

Now comes the hard part ... put your word document up on the screen, and sit with a half dozen people around the table. Each of them brings up rules like the ones I did above. They are allowed to bring up any rules they want. Your job is to keep the Word/Excel/Whatever document reflecting what they are saying.

Try it again with real cards on the table. The players can touch and move the cards. They can pick up the seven of spades, three of hearts, and king of diamonds and say "these are very important to me; whatever we do, these are my favorites". They can write notes on the cards: "whenever anyone plays with this card, please contact Ron".

Now do something about your project. Consider an area that's mostly new or unexplored or undocumented. Do it around the table with blank cards that people can pick up and write on. (4x6 is good. consider 5x8).

Do the same thing (new topic) with your word tool. Observe the differences in how people behave, who gets involved and how they get involved. Observe your own feelings as the person with the Word document.

Do it again, this time let someone you don't know or like very well run the Word document. Observe how you feel.

The cards are different. In some ways -- ways that I consider important -- they are better. My own instincts are to prefer a book or an online document or something more "organized". I use the cards because I have found that they work better for important parts of the project.

siehe auch http://www.xprogramming.com/xpmag/Etudes.htm#N31
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