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Bonjour Helmut. May I invite you to modify FractalWiki on CraoWiki ? -- xtof

I'm not quite sure what you want me to do. Do you want me to clone the CraoWiki as a subwiki of FractalWiki? Special features? Layout? Markup? Language? -- HelmutLeitner
Hi Helmut, I'm sorry but CraoWiki (a PhpWiki) is down since yesterday. And the small french wikisphere crao used to be a french wiki farm to share some beer in Paris and speak of wikisemantic... The WikiAdministrator? ( MeatBall:ArnaudFontaine) is on holidays. Feel a bit lost today ! We'd like to imagine some new uses of wiki in France. Like combining IM Jabber and wiki or wikis, wikiblog... Would you be ready to open a small french wikifarm here Could be interesting ?
-- ChristopheDucamp

Well, why not? My only problem is that I never learned French. I think that a French user interface is the minimum requirement to start into such a goal. -- HelmutLeitner
''Would you be ready to adapt a french user interface ? If so could be ready to translate (PageAccueil / ModificationsRécentes / BacaSable? / Forum / Chercher / Membres / Dossiers / Index / Préférences -- ChristopheDucamp
Yes, I would adapt a French user interface. I've already created Languages/French for this purpose. -- HelmutLeitner
Thanks a lot Helmut. I do really appreciate your WikiDesign? who could be really useful to make Wiki more popular and invite french new wikistes to test a real FrenchWikiFarm here -- ChristopheDucamp
I'll be back later. That might be fun! -- HelmutLeitner
Great Helmut. Very enjoyed to imagine a new multilingual wiki. I will come back tomorrow afternoon in le BacASable ! Drop a DossierToTranslate? if you need some asynchronous help in translation. Will come back tomorrow. -- ChristopheDucamp
Christophe, thank you for all those translations! I know that Dossiers are currently a mess. Don't care too much for them for a day or two. Good night! -- HelmutLeitner

Christophe, I just change WikiLanguage? from 3 to 0 on some context page. 3 would be the next language supported. This might have rendered your page in Spanish or Japanese unexpectedly. -- HelmutLeitner

Christophe, the PagenameLengthLimit?=120 in your ChristopheDucamp/Context page is identical to the default in the conventional wiki configuration file that you can see in CeWiki:action=set.

Thanks Helmut. To use CeWiki:action=set the password suggested on FractalUser seems not to work. I also just tried send e-Mails to listed users but impossible to save this answer. Will come back later -- ChristopheDucamp

Sorry, the password given was wrong, use FractalUser + context22. -- HelmutLeitner

great, I made a first test to promote the upload plugin (téléversement en français je crois ?). Delete PasDePanique if you want Helmut -- ChristopheDucamp

Why should I, it's beautiful. I love all types of animals. -- HelmutLeitner

Bonjour, Christophe. How are you? -- HelmutLeitner

Bonjour Helmut. very well let's say a bit tired. Awaiting for my son coming back from holiday. Will come back later ! Just opened a small space to invite any newbies...-- ChristopheDucamp

How old are your children (mine Thomas/18 Andreas/22)? -- HelmutLeitner
  oops .... I'm with Maxime/13, Lucie 10 Aymeric 8  -- ChristopheDucamp

Christophe, just a warning: I've activated a new feature that isn't quite ready but too useful to hold back. When creating a new page using the "?"-Link the user is offered a page where he can select from some of the most obvious places for the page. It will get a better layout and it must be translated sooner or later. Tell me if you like it. If you don't like it I'll desactivate it until it is ready. -- HelmutLeitner

Oh thanks Helmut. Amazing... I just tested it on ObviousPlaceTest? and it seems I can't access to edit page. -- ChristopheDucamp

Isn't it working for you? Do you get the list of alternatives? -- HelmutLeitner
Helmut, it works. really nice. I just created the homepage of LucLegay an old Craowikiste. Do you mind his coming or creating a branch... on Fractal ? -- ChristopheDucamp

Christophe, I'm honoured when you invite people here. Please do not think that I feel as a guard. You have so much contributed to this wiki so that you own a large share of it. Therefore you may act as a host and invite anyone you like. And you may use this wiki in any way that makes sense in your eyes. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks Helmut. LucLegay I hope could be a clever contributor here ? if he has time. PasDePanique ... -- ChristopheDucamp

Christophe, could you tell the story about the photographs and what they mean to the French public? So that I can understand what this is all about? -- HelmutLeitner

Sorry Helmut, but my english is very poor to make you understand this story. I just found this english article which could give you exact information about it and better that my poor english : http://www.rsf.org/print.php3?id_article=7488.
Behind the ideology of the Cuban revolution, which still inspires many tourists, is the reality of a totalitarian regime which uses the image of "Che" in an effort to legitimise repression. The poster also shows how a revolution that inspired a entire generation in the 1960s has now turned into what that generation most detested - a police state.

RSF is a french organization based in a lot of countries around the world. Visit : http://www.rsf.org/ (they have an english section)... RSF defends imprisoned journalists and press freedom throughout the world, as well as the right to inform the public and to be informed, in accordance with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Reporters Without borders has a national section in Austria too.

Hope also to know more via LucLegay or Nicolas Leduc (a very nice guy working as webmaster for RSF. he knows wikis...). Luc & Nicolas could express here directly here or open a new subpage elsewhere. More info after MousseParis. -- ChristopheDucamp

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