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Vous pouvez parler ici. Bonjour Helmut. I just added one SousPages for the archives. Will Come back tomorrow. The little example of SousPages until Ding remain to be refactored. Looks to be really powerful. Will have to find out AutoLinkStrategies first... -- ChristopheDucamp

Christophe, I've tuned the "Editer" form a bit. You will find some help text (maybe you have to turn on "help text" in "Préférences") below at that also needs translation. I also removed the "minor edit" and "e-mail notification" because they serve no real purpose here. I'll start a FAQ section for any questions that may arise. I know that FractalWiki is a mighty complex biest, more than any special purpose wiki will ever become, for feature are not just tuned but also tested in various and nonsense configurations. Anyway, thank you for your contributions. -- HelmutLeitner

Helmut I've seen this Editer form at the down of the page after turning "help text" in Preferences. Nice to see a short resmue of WikiSyntaxe in the edit form "email notification" could be helpful later ? for the moment I understand it could be heavy for those interested in using FractalWiki. I just begin to understand some tips and can tell you Fractal could be really interesting to develop new branches in Wikis/Francais. -- ChristopheDucamp

Christophe, thank you for translating the help text. We have developed a better form of e-mail notification. It is used together with a personal login that offers a number of extra features for power users. Do you want one? -- HelmutLeitner

always interested to discover any new functionality that could help Thanks I will translate soon -- ChristopheDucamp

Christophe, you should have an e-mail from me. If yes, you can do (without previous login to FractalUser)

Working? -- HelmutLeitner

Yes Helmut and thanks. Just le you know that the upload directory that does not exist with the new login/pass ? Is it normal ?

Sorry, I went a shortcut to create your registration and forgot to create the directory. Please try it again, it should work now.

And I can't find out how to modify password

In ThisWiki:action=userdata there is a subform to modify your password.

AutoLinkStrategies was a strong lesson and will have to come back and understand more "fille" should be in the GlossaireTechnique now. Ouf... Really a very nice wiki. You could see Arnaud quite soon coming here. -- ChristopheDucamp

I know it was difficult, but you've found out! We have a much more complex environment here than in any real wiki. Typically in a multilingual wiki I think we would use a top level page or wiki, e. g. "FR" or (the shorter the better) to base all french content and define the French Link strategies there. Below that there could be all Member pages and categories. A page "FR/Wiki" could be the base for all separate wikis, e. g. "FR/Wiki/Musique" and so on. -- HelmutLeitner

thanks helmut, yes I agree FR will be shorter and quicker

    • then identify the URI :
  • try to drop some comments around the logo ?
Ce logo est une conception de CraoWiki:JacquesDesplats. J'aimerais bien le ressortir bientôt pour d'autres projets ? ToDo : demander accord à Jacques....''

It seems to work Helmut... will come back later for /FR. First I will have to understand how to modify the password. ThisWiki:action=userdata. Will try also CeWiki:action=userdata... -- ChristopheDucamp

Christophe, I tuned RC display a little. FR/RecentChanges now doesn't display the WikiBase? in front of all pagenames anymore. I think it wouldn't look good if we are 5 levels deep... And it doesn't include changes to the "base page" FR. How does this feel? The idea is that we going towards self-contained wikis that needn't always be aware that they are part of a larger wiki. -- HelmutLeitner

Please also note the changes (I hope simplifications) about WikiBase?, RecentChanges and SubWiki?. I updated at 21:40 MEZ. -- HelmutLeitner

Bonjour Helmut. Not enough time to study all these recommendations. Some appointments this afternoon like our traditional MousseParis. A MousseLorraine? is born too... Will have to come back later. Perhaps this week-end if I can find any time early in the morning. I saw you made a great work... Have a nice afternoon. I'm really enjoyed of welcoming some WikiCobaye here in the future -- ChristopheDucamp

Bonjour, mon nom est ChristopheDucamp et vous êtes sur une Branche d'un ancien WikiPersonnel - un espace de travail tranquille hébergé et maintenu généreusement par HelmutLeitner.

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