22 Novembre, 2006
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A-bike ne semble pas encore importé en france, dommage moi j'aime beaucoup --LaurentLunati


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  • bikebiz avril 2006 - ""Called the A-bike — because it looks like a letter A when unfolded — Sinclair’s new invention has taken him nearly 20 years to develop and bring to production," reports The Sunday Times."
Not new. A quick search on Google brings up two stories from 2004, see links below.

When the first story was published, Sir Clive got on the blower to BikeBiz: "The A-Bike is more comfortable than you'd think," he said.

"You wouldn't know you were on a bicycle with such small wheels."

Sir Clive believes his bike will appeal to commuters who may not have thought about owning a folding bike to date.

At 5kg and "remarkably small in the bag", the A-Bike can be carried easily and "extends the use of folding bikes."

The A-Bike is not yet available from

It is produced in China by Daka Design of Singapore. In 2005, the A-Bike won the "Distinguished Design from China" award which is a category of the Hong Kong Design Centre Awards 2005. "The special merit award, which acknowledges excellent designs that originate from the Greater China region, was presented to Daka in recognition of its outstanding achievement in the design of the A-bike.",,2087-2114327,00.html

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