11 Mai, 2006
Paysages Numériques
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Paysages Numériques

Une page de test de configuration de wiki autonome pour une PaysagisteNumérique.


Révision des AutoLinkStrategies :

Variable AutoLinkStrategies:

Christophe, the inherited AutoLinkStrategies are a complicated mix. I don't know exactly what is intended. The {...} isn't effective because it should go with the N option. Currently there is no "D" (pure) option to link "down" to child pages. I'll try to simplify that. -- HelmutLeitner

Now this is configured:

which means:
  • D ... first are the down links (children are always most important in families )
  • W ... next the links on the (sub) wiki level, hopefully the structure is not too complicated
  • T ... next link to top level pages
  • N ... now look if there are linkable subpages below any of "VariablesContext GlossaireTechnique FR FrenchWikiFarm WikiWikiBelgique FR/WikiSyntaxe"
  • S ... if nothing found, look for pages in sister wikis
Now let' look for examples: Sorry, that it's so complicated. Do you think it would be better, if we attached symbols to it (like some wikis do with external links)? We could have a square with an arrow pointing into one of 8 directions. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks a lot Helmut. I have dropped a fist translation of your answer on AutoLinkStrategies for a future study. But it's not in context so I'll have to adapt it to make sense.

Sure il will be really helpful. S is really great to establish NearLink.

square with an arrow pointing into one of 8 directions : neat idea. A great way to imagine a solution as we saw on CraoWiki:CoLink.

Let's say I would be very interested to imagine this kind of test of multi-directional links with MeatballWiki and CommunityWiki. FractalWiki remain really great ! Now, I will let this page and will make Isabelle test a DetachedWiki on PaysagisteNumérique

-- ChristopheDucamp