Fighting Is Boring





  Fighting is boring.

When we entered the net, young and full of energy, it was different. Fighting was interesting. We could go into discussions, feel the heart race, make a standing, fight our way through. Adrenalin was up. We had arguments. Sometimes they had even better arguments, but we were stronger, we invested more time and patience, we held on and won. Proud men in bright armour, shining swords. We were always the winners.

But then. We've been through a hundred battles, hewn the heads of many enemys, waded through their blood. Again and again. We hurt them and we were hurt. But we hurt them more badly. But our heart stays calm now, fighting is not exciting anymore. We know all the tricks and all the roles. We have had time to observe that while fighting we stand firmly on the ground, no progress, no cooperation, no learning, no synergy. Did we ever really win a battle?

Now we don't fight anymore. We are not tired, we see more clearly. Maybe we draw our swords every now and then to test our abilities, to deal a few blows, to see it shine. But then we smile. We put our swords away. We offer friendship. We are after the joy of communication, the resonance of our souls. We know any battle won was on deserted ground. But there is only one battle-ground that counts. The hearts of our readers. Now we are invincible.

Fighting is boring.

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