Go By Car / Englisch







The problem:
You are new to the online world and want to become part of the online community.

The solution:
Go by CAR: be constructive, be authentical and breathe reciprocity.

The context:
Everything seems easy for those that are already part of the online community. But most newbies have problems. The netiquette often doesn't help because it only tells what to do and not why to do it.

Be constructive. The online world is like a new continent, a land of pioneers. Its hard to build a new world and there are many obstacles. It is much easier to destroy systems, community or culture than to build them. Only things built may survive and only builders count. So give a helping hand to those that are building, even if you don't understand and don't like everything you see. After a while the online community will accept you and help you when it's your turn. Live with existing rules for the moment, you may challenge them after a while.

Be authentical. Even if you aren't strong, no expert of any kind, you can easily become a part of the online community. Your background and your questions, even the things you don't know, don't see and don't understand may be interesting feedback to others. But the most valuable gift is your real personality and identity. Say what you feel or think and walk your talk. Its like a golden card that gives lots of credit. Don't be shy. Trust the community and they will trust and defend you. Your personal history of communication and cooperation is your foundation in the online world.

Breathe reciprocity. The online world is a world of synergy. To give your knowledge is not tiresome, it may take only 5 minutes. To others this knowledge is valuable, saving hours of searching and struggling to understand. So there is a win-factor of 10-50. If you can get answers to your questions in turn, there are only winners (and there is still headroom for fun). But the system only works if all value cooperation. So follow the bible and make "give" and "you will be given" true online. Don't give to those that don't give. Know the people in the online community and help those that deserve it.

The online community is a powersource for those able to find the plug.
HelmutLeitner, MeatBall:GoByCar, Feb 6 2002