January 11, 2010
Andrius Kulikauskas

Mathematician, philosopher and initiator. Founder of MinciuSodas and WorkNets (was OurCulture). Lives in Lithuania. ProWikiProvider.


action=bpx Rebuilds the indexes, which is useful after moving pages.


Why can't we store LogIn information on the html page that is being sent out? Wouldn't that simplify dealing with the logging in for the various domains?


The multiple domain problems are nasty and hard to solve without immediate testing. Do you think that you could organize command line access to the cgi and OurCulture wiki directory for me, so that I can install and test new versions immediately? -- HelmutLeitner October 30, 2006 15:16 CET

Helmut, I found where you moved this wiki. Also, I don't define myself as American, although I do have American citizenship, as well as Lithuanian citizenship. I do identify with Lithuania, but with the culture, not really with nationality as such. I think nationality should be self-defined, not by others! Andrius