June 8, 2009
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Please put problems with multiple domain systems to MultipleDomainProblems.

No error message for poorly formed username

AndriusKulikauskas June 8, 2009 18:32 CET At assuming that the user is logged out and there is no username in the preferences, and they edit a page and are sent to give their username, then if they enter a name such as: Wael, Jafra with a comma, then they are asked to enter a username again, with no explanation given. What to do?


New bug report: at when I click on GeorgeChan I get asked to sign into Preferences again repeatedly -- it's a loop. I don't get where I want to go.

Also, I do not see anything labeled something to the effect of "First time users click here for basic instructions on adding and editing." There is no self-evident way to find such instruction, if it exists in the myfoodstory wiki. MarkRoest November 11, 2006 21:05 CET

Mark, I'm sorry for the problem. This is part of the MultipleDomainProblems. I'm working on that. -- HelmutLeitner November 11, 2006 23:23 CET

Links with non-latin letters

I tried to use Some Cyrillic letters here and it doesn't work

wishlist: normalize double quotes in search box

Hello, I just went to the Search page ( and search "control system", with the double quotes, and nothing came up. Searching without the quotes turns up two pages. I would like to suggest that when searches with quotes are made, that the system could also try the search without the quotes, since users are used to the Google UI where phrase search is done with double quotes. Thanks -- BayleShanks December 9, 2008 2:57 CET

Rendering engine puts <p> in front of <ul>

Helmut, I noticed in working with the CSS for my template that I am having trouble setting my margins for certain paragraphs. The ones that are not setting properly occur at the end of a unordered list. The new paragraph should start after the end of the list yielding </ul><p> but for some reason instead I get <p></ul> and then the paragraph doesn't get formatted correctly. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding? Here is my example: and I am using this template: Thank you! AndriusKulikauskas October 5, 2007 18:34 CET

Helmut, Hi from Chicago, Any news or thoughts? AndriusKulikauskas October 14, 2007 16:06 CET

Andrius, the rendering unifies lists that are written in different ways, to have an empty line at the beginning and the end of the list, independent of the usage of HTML or HTML+CSS. I'm aware that this hinders fine tuning of CSS but had no spare energy to rework this behaviour. Do you? -- HelmutLeitner October 15, 2007 10:03 CET

Helmut, I want to create an interface that works well. This is one of the problems that has come up. I suppose that I have to solve it if I want to have a custom wiki for our lab with ProWiki as the engine. What is the future for ProWiki? I would like to avoid migrating for now. My thought is to make good use of the ProWiki file format and also to avoid fractality. That would fit with my current vision for our wiki. Thinking out loud. AndriusKulikauskas October 20, 2007 1:38 CET

Can't edit page if preferences name doesn't match login name

SashaMrkailo and I noticed that he couldn't edit a page because his preferences name didn't match his login name. How do we ensure that this doesn't happen? Should the login name override the preferences name? AndriusKulikauskas May 31, 2007 11:52 CET

Andrius, the names from login and preferences needn't match. There is no code in the script that checks equivalence, so I do not know what Sasha observed. -- HelmutLeitner June 1, 2007 8:54 CET

Welcome Visitor Page Does Not Redirect to Desired Page

Helmut, I noticed that at your wiki here, but also at our Worknets wiki, when visitors are asked to set their preferences, they are subsequently not redirected to the page they desired. That's a problem, but especially for new users. Please, can you fix that? Thank you for all of your help! AndriusKulikauskas May 30, 2007 10:39 CET

The WelcomeVisitor page should contain a marker for redirecting to the intended editing form. If it doesn't work, it would be great if you could check it out and remove the bug. Currently I'm tied up in a project and can only put it in my back log. -- HelmutLeitner June 1, 2007 8:57 CET

Misleading Message Regarding Spam

Hi Helmut! I got the following message for violating the spam defenses. There is an incorrect explanation (after you started editing, someone else edited and saved this page). This is completely misleading and actually has been the cause of several key users at our lab (like JohnRogers) from learning to use our wiki. Please rethink this! (I'd be glad to help think about this.) I think it would be most helpful to be upfront about the fact that a rule was violated (and if possible, which one). AndriusKulikauskas April 18, 2007 20:57 CET

Edit collision (*spam*)! (this is a new collision) After you started editing, someone else edited and saved this page. The first text window contains the currently stored text and only the text of this window will be stored. Scroll down to see your version of the text in the second window. The text was stored at: November 24, 1999 0:32 (Current time: April 18, 2007 20:22).

Andrius, you are right that the message is misleading. The original idea was not to give the spammer useful information to conform to expected limitations. But is is probably less important than being clear towards users that are false-positively classified as spammers. Please suggest a message text. -- HelmutLeitner April 19, 2007 8:48 CET

Helmut, Thanks. I will think about it. AndriusKulikauskas April 19, 2007 9:40 CET

How about:

Your changes have not been saved. Please accept our apologies. The rules for editing at this wiki have prevented them from being saved. Often these rules are intended to frustrate spammers and keep them from posting obnoxious urls or content. Perhaps you might try to log in if you have not already, or refrain from adding urls. Or perhaps there is a collision with another user and you might wait for them to complete their edit. AndriusKulikauskas April 20, 2007 9:58 CET

Perhaps there could be a default text and then it could be altered by the administrator.

Andrius, that's pretty long. Remember, that in the end this adds to the code and has to be translated to N languages. -- HelmutLeitner June 1, 2007 9:00 CET

AutoNewStrategies and AutoLinkStrategies

Helmut, I want AutoNewStrategies to be a subset of AutoLinkStrategies, as you suggest elsewhere, but it's not working for me. At I have set:

But I'm being offered multiple links, for example, here: link Am I misunderstanding or is this a bug? Thank you! and HappyNewYear! AndriusKulikauskas January 8, 2007 18:04 CET

This is a semi-bug. I deactivated this feature temporarily, when adding to the link complexity with respect to the MultiDomainFeatures. I'll check this and reactivate it. You'll get a note when it's available again. -- HelmutLeitner January 10, 2007 11:06 CET


Hi Helmut, as you may know, ChristopheDucamp and I are playing with the idea of visualizing the activity of a FractalWiki. A first test can be found here. I hope it will enjoy you!

Olivier, hey, that's great! Sorry that I didn't notice up to now. I know almost zero French and this reduces my chances for communication, which is a pity. Could you describe the concept a little? Maybe on FractalWikiVisualization?

Yes, good idea. I'll do it.

BTW I see here that the RSS feed of ProWiki does not answer...Best--OlivierAuber December 6, 2006 18:46 CET

I think it's just empty. Currently there is a hard 3-days limit to rss (I introduced it because the shared rc default of 30 days is a burden for rss), which could be dropped or made configurable. Or would parameters like "atleast=15" or "maxitems=100" be more useful? BTW I've dropped the limit for the moment to work again for your experiment. -- HelmutLeitner December 7, 2006 8:18 CET

Thanks, that's much better now, look!

Spelling for Admin form

Hi Helmut, this is not a bug in the code, but I think it's an English spelling error. In one of the log in forms it says that you need the permissions of "a Admin". I think it should be "an Admin". In general, "an" is used when it is followed by a word that starts with a vowel sound, and "a" is used when it is followed by a word that start with a consonant sound. AndriusKulikauskas November 9, 2006 18:44 CET

Andrius, yes, thank you. -- HelmutLeitner November 11, 2006 23:23 CET

#016 Beta - LogIn required for editing when pagename includes the word Context

I'm not sure this is a bug, but I thought that you might be interested to know. I have a page name ActualContext. When I try to edit it, it asks me to log in, I think because the page name includes the word Context. I don't know if this is by design but I thought I should note this. AndriusKulikauskas September 28, 2006 10:33 CET

Andrius, this is a deficiency in the prowiki_default wiki configuration in the distribution. I've changed it for the next release. Please replace in the top "Context" page:

which is more precise and solves the problem. Thank you for reporting. -- HelmutLeitner September 28, 2006 12:07 CET

#015 Beta - Print directs to incorrect url

Helmut, When I click on the Print link for my page it takes me here which is a blank page, whereas what I want to see is here. AndriusKulikauskas September 19, 2006 12:08 CET

Andrius, sorry for my slow reaction. This is probably a minor problem of the multi-domain feature, shouldn't be hard to find or correct. Thank you for reporting it. -- HelmutLeitner September 22, 2006 11:27 CET

#014 (2.0.044) Text duplication with PageEdit+SectionEdit+collision - solved

FranzNahrada reported this problem and gave enough hints to reproduce and find this bug. It is solved in the next release 2.0.045. -- HelmutLeitner

#013 2.0.044 Beta: Url lengthens after edit - solved

Helmut, after editing a page such as I am taken to the longer url AndriusKulikauskas August 2, 2006 14:13 CET

Andrius, the new 2.0.044 beta should solve the problem. Could you test it and give me feedback? -- HelmutLeitner August 8, 2006 11:19 CET

Helmut, Yes, thank you, it is working now. AndriusKulikauskas August 8, 2006 17:45 CET

#012 2.0.044 Beta: Unable to edit a page directly - solved

Hi Helmut. If I try to edit then I just see a blank page. Whereas if I write the url as then I'm able to edit it. AndriusKulikauskas August 1, 2006 18:49 CET

Mmmh, another of the expected nasty multi-domain-in-one-wiki problems. As far as I see, you can edit it from neither link, because the url is interpreted to access a non-existing "PatternLanguages/PatternLanguages" page. I think we should think of the base as being part of the surrounding domain, and the url not rewritten for the "PatternLanguages" page itself. This would be cleaner. I assume you agree, I've changed it that way, new beta available, please feedback. -- HelmutLeitner August 2, 2006 10:59 CET

Helmut, Thank you, I've made the update. Now editing the page is straightforward. But I don't think that it is good to have the main page of the subwiki not have it's own url. I think it makes sense from your system's developer's point of view, but not from a user's point of view. But maybe that's a matter of learning how to organize the content appropriately. AndriusKulikauskas August 2, 2006 14:09 CET

Beta: Automatic Linking does not find page

Moved to HelpDesk

Beta: The incoming missing page, upon finding an appropriate page, does not change the url of the page selected by link rewrite and pagename reduction

Helmut, I don't know if this is a bug or a feature request... When I enter, for example, it correctly takes me to the page but it doesn't change the url. Is it possible for it to change the url? That would help put the page in context. AndriusKulikauskas July 27, 2006 11:57 CET

Andrius, currently we do not change incoming urls. So it's more a new feature to redirect or rewrite the incoming url. I have to look whether the existing script-functions of PageRedirection can be used to implement this. -- HelmutLeitner July 30, 2006 8:11 CET

#011 2.0.044 Beta : Section edit gives incorrect url - solved

Helmut, I noticed the new section edit icons. When I click on one then it takes me to a blank section and it says incorrectly: Edit PatternLanguages/PatternLanguages/UniversalLanguage/ I suppose this is related to pagename reduction or the redirection? AndriusKulikauskas July 22, 2006 10:36 CET

Andrius, thank you for reporting. Yes, the link connected to the icon is obviously not reduced. I'll prepare a new beta for you to test. -- HelmutLeitner July 24, 2006 9:27 CET

Helmut, Thank you! this is working now. AndriusKulikauskas July 25, 2006 16:19 CET

#010 2.0.044 Beta: Login page is unaware of pagename reduction - solved

Helmut, I noticed that when I want to edit then it has me log in as administrator and then it sends me to instead. However, once I'm logged in it takes me to the right page when I rewrite the url. AndriusKulikauskas July 21, 2006 20:00 CET

Andrius, we'll have to work through this step by step. This is probably the nastiest problem of the three. -- HelmutLeitner July 24, 2006 9:27 CET

Helmut, Thank you for the update! Yes, it is working correctly now. AndriusKulikauskas July 26, 2006 14:13 CET

#009 2.0.044 Beta: Multilinking clashes with Pagename reduction and Link rewriting - solved

Helmut, thank you very much for the new features of the beta version that we're using at It seems that the multilinking clashes with the pagename reduction in the following situation when they are both turned on. If I have several pages MinciuSodas and they appear as, and so on, then each of these pages will show a multilink page rather than the contents of the relevant page. So we are never able to see the contents of the pages because the multilink page is always shown first. I suppose that the behavior I would like would be for the page to be shown if it exists. Multilinking would take place only if the page does not exist. Also, it would be good if we could turn multilinking on or off per section. I suppose that I can do that now and leave it on just for our topmost section. So perhaps that solves my problem. Thank you! AndriusKulikauskas July 21, 2006 19:53 CET I tried turning multilinking off for the subwikis and it doesn't work though. AndriusKulikauskas July 21, 2006 20:00 CET

Ok, that should be simple to solve. Check it in the next beta, probably today. I'll send you an email when it's ready for testing. -- HelmutLeitner July 24, 2006 9:27 CET

Helmut, It works now! And I find it very useful. It helps me prune pages and also will simplify sharing URLs I think. Thank you! AndriusKulikauskas July 25, 2006 16:20 CET

#008 invalid HTML - solved

Ampersands in urls like for example in the action urls need to be written as an html entity (& amp ; without the spaces) instead of just '&'. -- MarkusLude

Markus, I checked a few pages and examples and always found & encoded as &. Could you point me to location where I can see the problem or paste an example here? -- HelmutLeitner June 1, 2006 7:52 CET

For example look at the HTML code of this page. The URL of the back link in the source contains & as delimiter of the parameters, which should be '& amp ;'. The '& title' part is an unterminated and undefined character entity. Most browsers don't care about such stuff, therefore it is wide spread. I know one browser which has a small icon on the bottom which flags this and other HTML problems. The yahoo webcrawler may stumble about this if the name of the parameter is a valid character entity. The W3C HTML validator flags this, too. describes the problem. I hope it is a bit more clear now. -- MarkusLude

Markus, thank you for clarification. I have to do some more testing of browser behaviour. -- HelmutLeitner June 1, 2006 16:45 CET

This is now solved in release 2.0.044. -- HelmutLeitner August 10, 2006 11:26 CET

#007 wrong/missing translation in function ActionVoting - solved

The third part of the message string in function ActionVoting() is in english. IMHO it should be in french. -- MarkusLude

Markus, thank you for reporting this bug. It's a good feeling to have another two eyes looking at the Perl code of the ProWikiScript itself. -- HelmutLeitner May 22, 2006 9:04 CET

It will be in the release 2.0.039 this week. -- HelmutLeitner May 23, 2006 12:23 CET

#006 Impossible to edit the Branch FractalWiki:Wikis/Francais - solved

I'd like to edit/delete the FractalWiki:Wikis/Francais Branch, and get this message :

Undefined subroutine &main::WikiTextRetFolder called at ...
   /usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/fractal/wikidev.cgi line 2487.

ChristopheDucamp May 16, 2006 14:42 CET

Christophe, thank you for reporting this error. I can reproduce it and I will look into it. -- HelmutLeitner May 16, 2006 15:35 CET

Ok, the problem is solved. It had to do with old code of the probably obsolete and undocumented strategy "D{categories}". If you don't care, I'll remove that strategy completely, for it was very experimental, a little like the facets that ChrisPurcell was implementing at the time we created FractalWiki. -- HelmutLeitner May 16, 2006 15:44 CET

#005 'wiki.cgi?action=browse&id=FrontPage&menu=1' does not work - solved

If I click on the link 'Links' on the bottom of any page. The following error is returned:

Error opening file /usr/home/wikise/website/image/body_template.html: No such file or directory

I think this is not an subject of the apache configuration because there is no body_template.html file distributed with ProWiki.

RichardRafalski May 10, 2006 15:56 CET

Thank you for reporting. It's right, that has nothing to do with Apache. An error in the configuration (the path doesn't fit to your system), and probably one or more template files missing in the distribution. I'll look into it. -- HelmutLeitner May 10, 2006 17:12 CET

It should be solved in the current release which includes the missing files prowiki_image/*template* (8 files). The configuration is improved in prowiki_cgi-bin now contains a small script get_wiki2 which lets you directly update so you can get the new script, (2) check it (3) ./update it in a simpler way. -- HelmutLeitner May 10, 2006 18:04 CET

May 7, 2006 - #004 Fehler beim Öffnen von File wiki.cgi/server.cfg: Not a directory - solved

If I open http://localhost/prowiki_default/wiki.cgi?ProWiki in mozilla-firefox it shows this response:

-- RichardRafalski May 7, 2006 21:01 CET

Richard, I assume that you basically followed the instructions? Probably there is a small problem with the Apache configuration. Apache seems to pass "wiki.cgi" as the script path ($0 within Perl) while expects to get an absolute path ("/var/www/prowiki_default/wiki.cgi" in your case). I'm not sure, but I could imagine that our routine VirtualHost + DocumentRoot definitions direct Apache to do so. See HowToAdmin/Configure a Domain. Could you check this out or do you need more concrete information? BTW the prowiki_server directory has to move eventually. -- HelmutLeitner May 7, 2006 21:46 CET

Yes you are right, I followed your install insturction. I have did it twice. The first time I renamed and relinked the files and directories as discribed in the INSTALL-file. The second time I do minimal changes in relinking an renaming. Bowth times with the same result . I have also configed a virtual host and move the prowiki content in a separate directory; without success. I am not an expert in seting up web services. Purhaps there is somthing wrong in the configuration in a complete other place. Do you now how to make apache more verbose? So that I can find out which URLs it is delivering to the cgi-script. Or can I debug the wiki.cgi? Tank You - RichardRafalski May 8, 2006 11:17 CET

Richard, the problem is clear. The ProWikiScript takes its own name $0, replaces the part after the last slash with server.cfg to access this file.

  sub FileRetDir {
    my ($fnam)=@_;
    $fnam =~ s#/[^/]*$##;
    return $fnam;
There is no slash, so the faulty "wiki.cgi/server.cfg" results. Could you post your VirtualHost section, so I can check it? Probably I have to get clearness about the Apache configuration and improve the Installation Instructions. There is little you can do from the programming side. Of course, just for the moment, you could replace the ConfigDir assignment in by
  # $ConfigDir=FileRetDir($0);
But this is no permanent solution. Sorry for the problem. It's very helpful that you dig into this. -- HelmutLeitner May 8, 2006 11:32 CET

Maybe (Google)

  $ConfigDir=FileRetDir($ENV{SCRIPT FILENAME});
is a permanent solution, it seems to work better than $0 on Solaris / Apache, maybe also for you, it's equivalent to $0 on our servers. -- HelmutLeitner May 8, 2006 11:56 CET

Helmut - Here my virtual host section:

<VirtualHost bismarck.mydomain.tld>
  DocumentRoot "/var/www/prowiki/prowiki_default"
  ServerName bismarck.mydomain.tld
  Redirect /index.html http://bismarck.mydomain.tld/wiki.cgi

Prowiki is in /var/www/prowiki now. The doamin "bismarck.mydomain.tld" is the only one that is registered for this server in DNS.

You are right - the solution with the hard coded path

is working.

If I try

I get thes error:

"Can't locate object method "SCRIPT" via package "FILENAME" (perhaps you forgot to load "FILENAME"?) at wiki.cgi line 17099"

It seems for me that some perl stuff is missing on my server, doesn't it?

RichardRafalski May 8, 2006 13:46 CET

Richard, no there is nothing missing, this command just reads a variable from the standard unix environment. (Side-question: what Perl version are you using? It runs with my Perl. Are newer perl versions more picky?).

Usually one doesn't need to give the string delimiters in this context but you could try

instead. Your domain isn't publicly accessable, is it? I tried and got a network error. -- HelmutLeitner May 8, 2006 14:29 CET

Helmut, my perl version is 5.8.4. I want to use this version because this is the perl included in the debian stable distribution. The above metioned problem is solved now. It was a missing "_". I've just performed a copy and paste from the browser and have got this

  $ConfigDir=FileRetDir($ENV{SCRIPT FILENAME});
This is working well
The web service of the bismarck-server is not available from the internet. It will be available when the prowiki installation is secured. Now it is poassible to access the files in the prowiki directory. As you write in the install instruction I have to fix this now. I installed prowiki on this server because we want to evalute prowiki. If it satisfies our needs it will be installed an a "real" server. 'we' means Plattsalat e.V. Thomas have got in touch via email with you some days ago. If you are interested I can send you the final URL and you can try to connect to the wiki later. -- RichardRafalski May 8, 2006 15:39 CET

Richard, yes Thomas and me had an email exchange last week. I think he was very much interested in OrderAndStructure issues and I would be interested whether the improved pages are now sufficient. And yes, I'll like to visit your wiki when it's online.

What can be learnt?

  • The next release will replace $0 by $ENV{...} so you can update normally.
  • The should probably check for the absolute path and issue an corresponding error message.
I think be can close this bug. Thank you for your time and effort. -- HelmutLeitner May 8, 2006 16:33 CET

May 5, 2006 - #003 BackLink broken for numeric page titles - solved

In the page :, I've clicked on the title :200604 and I've got a new page :

Software error:

 Quantifier in {,} bigger than 32766 before HERE mark 
   in regex m/(?-i){{ << HERE 200604}}/
-- DaWa

DaWa, thank you for reporting this bug. It's reproduceable with ThisWiki:search=200000&bl=on and 200000. I'll work on it. -- HelmutLeitner May 5, 2006 12:34 CET

It's solved in the current release 35. -- HelmutLeitner May 6, 2006 9:37 CET

April 28, 2006 - #002 automatic linking in Context depends on CdmlMark - acknowledged - pending

In the page Context, Options don't link automatically if I don't put any color ? -- ChristopheDucamp 28 Avril, 2006 13:44 CET

That's interesting. What you normally see (no linking) is not a bug, it's intentionally because in most wikis Option variables would create begging links, not backed by documentation. So automatic linking is turned off.

The question is whether what you found is a bug that should be remove or a feature to keep. Usually I would look that WikiAutoLink is respected recursively, but sometimes the ability to have AutomaticLinking at hand is useful and desirable. I have to think about this ... what do you think? -- HelmutLeitner

Agree Helmut on the fact that AutomaticLinking in ContextPages should be desactivated by default. It could become very confusing. Let's consider it's resolved ? -- ChristopheDucamp

I agree, let's suppress all linking. I consider it "pending". Just for completeness: what is your Apache DocumentRoot assigment? -- HelmutLeitner May 5, 2006 12:35 CET

April 28, 2006 - #001 French color name "bleu" not working - resolved

[copied from homepage] ... how could we explain that "bleu" is the single color that does not work to render when I label "blue" in french. I just checked the FractalWiki:ColorTabFr and can't explain ? -- ChristopheDucamp April 28, 2006 0:26 CET

Sorry, a typo, I wasn't aware of this problem which should now be solved. -- HelmutLeitner April 28, 2006 7:54 CET

Merci Helmut. Should we delete bugs once fixed ? - ChristopheDucamp April 28, 2006 12:43 CET

Christophe, we can put it to the /Archive eventually. But let's keep it here for a while, so people can see the use of this page. -- HelmutLeitner April 28, 2006 13:15 CET