May 18, 2006
Cdml Symbol
From: CdmlElements


Using the symbol-command you can insert predefined symbols very easily without having to write an URL:



..... created by [[symbol]()]
..... created by [[symbol](.)]
..... created by [[symbol](v)]
..... created by [[symbol](x)]
..... created by [[symbol](n)]
..... created by [[symbol](?)]
..... created by [[symbol].()]
..... created by [[symbol][]]
..... created by [[symbol][x]]

Note: blank characters are removed from the shorthand characters, you can insert them for readability.


.....erzeugt von [[symbol]]
.....erzeugt von [[symbol]]
.....erzeugt von [[symbol]]


Extensions. The symbol system can be extended easily. Just add a symbol file to the wiki image directory (must be done by the server administrator, e. g. "star.gif"), define an arbitrary shorthand notation (e.g. "X") and make it known to the system by a configuration assignment (e.g. symbol.X=star ). Now the system will interpret any [[symbol]X] and convert it to an "http://server.domain/image/star.gif" URL.

Shorter forms for smileys. The configuration variable UseSmiley activates the standard smiley notation. The syntax above always works.

Shorter forms for task symbols. At the beginning of list entries task symbols are now (after Nov 20, 2004) interpreted automatically. ShortTaskSymbols. This is in preparation for an upcoming CdmlTasks command.

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