October 14, 2006
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Action Stat

This is an administrator function that returns a bar chart showing the access counts (traffic) for a number of days.

  • ThisWiki:action=stat (do this at your wiki, you typically won't be able to follow this link, because the chance is low that you are an administrator of the ProWiki)

days=90 The length of the period.
(default: days=21)
detail=1 This is a kind of "display type" option. Currently allowed values: 0 and 1.
(default: detail=0)
scale=0.25 This is used to calculate the bar width using the formula "pixels = ( 1 + trafficcount / scale )".
(default: scale=3)
strip=0 Data of incomplete days or months do not show, unless you turn "stripping" OFF (=0).
(default: strip=1)


This is what you (as an administrator) show to some external visitor, when you don't want to reveal the structure and meaning of your traffic.


The user traffic is analyzed into four groups:

  • green: administrators (see Variable/StatType)
  • pink: search engines
  • blue: users with a name in preferences (roughly "contributors")
  • red: users without a name in preferences (roughly "visitors")

If you have an open wiki (growing a community) this will give you valuable information about the state of your wiki.

Example interpretation of WikiTrafficState.' If blue dominates, then your wiki is used by its contributors but there is little audience. If you want to grow your community you should do more WikiAdvertizing.


Don't try to push your traffic by registering with lots of search engines. This will only reduce the performance of your system and hide the traffic of contributors and interested readers.

Related topics


The interpretation of statistical data is important and tricky. A change in traffic - up or down - doesn't mean very much if you can't identify its reason. Usually the activity of certain TargetGroup depends on the day in the week and the hour of the day. There is an overall tide of activity that changes during the year. And there are events like "football championships" or "olympic games" that draw attention from online activities. You can have users with slurp tools that try to copy all wiki pages to their local computer system (SlurpBlocking is a measure against this), so a sharp rise in activity (may 3-5000+ request in a day) needn't mean a rise in interest. You can use ActionLog to get at the bottom of what is going on. RobotIdentification is a Supervisor acitivity that should be supported by the Admins.

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