May 17, 2006
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Search Focus

copied from HelpDesk for detailed discussion.

How could we narrow or widen the focus of the SearchForm on any SubWikis. Moreover, it could be interesting to imagine a SearchForm which could search only on the SubWiki and suggest the user to visit "proximity links" on other Branches e.g. two or three independant and neighbour SubWikis or any WikiGroups ? -- ChristopheDucamp May 16, 2006 14:24 CET

Christophe, what I intend to do, is add a section to the search from to select alternatives to the normal "wiki focus". I thought about a radiobutton approach:

but I'm now not really sure, whether this - everything automatic - is sufficient. What do you mean by "other Branches"? -- HelmutLeitner May 16, 2006 16:04 CET

Helmut, I think your suggestion here is amply sufficient ! You know I'm still not very used to the generic term of "Branch". Even if I love the forest and the tree metaphor, your definitions are more precise and nice. But how about making such alternatives optional ? For normal users not used to WikiFractality, such a complete range of radiobuttons could be confusing. My initial suggestion was just to let the Supervisor or the Admin set up and personalize his own SearchForm. How about let the Admin (or Supervisor) pick the standard SearchForm and choose among some of your radiobuttons ? I really think this radiobutton is powerful to make people discover WikiFractality and wiki-structures. Should be tested perhaps on a usability point of view ? Really enthusiast on the future SearchForm -- ChristopheDucamp

Christophe, we could make this optional (most of these are anyway, depending on the UserStatus) and configurable. So we can turn it on/off with some ShowSearchFocus without needing to edit or create separate forms. It may take a month or so, until this feature becomes available. Really exciting will it become together with WikiNet, but this depends on the other ProWikiProviders coming up to speed. -- HelmutLeitner May 17, 2006 9:19 CET