May 10, 2006
Link Bar

The LinkBar is probably the oldest dynamical wiki UserInterface element. It contains a number of links, automatically selected according to the context of the current page.

For example, the EditLink and the DiffFunction are only shown on editable pages. They make no sense on "Preferences" or the "Index" which are both not editable (so they are not shown an these SpecialPages).

ProWiki support:

  • horizontal and vertical LinkBars
  • multiple LinkBars
  • selection of the links in the LinkBar
  • combination of LinkBar and SideBar
  • renaming of all links in the LinkBar
  • configurable separator for layout variations
Options to select functions in the LinkBar: See also:
  • AdditionalFunctionsBar -- an additional linkbar, usually at the bottom of the page
  • SideBar -- a page that contains a list of commands, working like a vertical LinkBar, but completely configurable