May 12, 2006
Login Form

The LoginForm is presented to the user to enter UserName and PassWord. Both are created by the Admin in the UserAdministration and have to be passed by other means of communication (e. g. e-mail). Typically the LoginForm is accessed from the link "Login" at the bottom of the "Preferences" page. Sometimes Admins put it into the SideBar.


UserName and PassWord are checked and if a corresponding RegistrationFile is found, the user gets the UserStatus kept there. This UserStatus is then maintained by using the SessionCookie. The SessionCookie will exist until the user ends the browser program. Therefore Cookies must be activated in the browser.

The user identification is checked on each single request. If the user "deactivates Cookies" in his browser, then he can pass the login but he will not be recognized afterwards.

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