October 27, 2009
Milk Miruku

ProWiki kicks ass!

An old chat with HelmutLeitner, ProWiki's creator;

Welcome Milk! Yes, it's built that way. Many feature are available without much ado or hype. Do you have any special interests or needs? -- HelmutLeitner

I must say, ProWiki is by far the most professional looking wiki engine i have come across; kudos to you Helmut! I was just wondering; is the ProWikiSoftware engine available (for personal usage) under any licence? I had a look at the site, but I'm afraid I do not speak German. Regarding the question; is it possible for the admin to define and arrange the links in the table at the top? -- MilkMiruku

I sell or give away wiki space for all kinds of projects on currently three different physical servers. Any ProWiki is maintained and runs from the latest release. If you tell me what you want, I'm sure I can help you. But I don't license the software, it would make to much additional work that I better invest in developing the communities and the software. If you have any reasonable need, I program it for free and make it a standard feature or configurable.

As an admin, you can do a lot. You can use your own layout template. You can use a predefined template like this and turn on and off and rename options. You can define your own InterWiki links and shortcuts, block IPs, look into refined session logs and access statistics, create a single HTML from the whole site, get e-mail about changes, use multiple wikis like a single site (unified rc, log, stat and search) and about a 100 additional functions you may find useful.

Have you a certain project in mind or do you want a personal private wiki? -- HelmutLeitner

I was thinking of using a wiki in the context of a personal public website, but with restricted access to editing some (or maybe even all) of the pages (the 'restrited entry' feature is the reason I stumbled across a link to ProWiki on the PPR). I would use it mostly for notes and writing essays on various subjects; I find that the wiki method of editing content is really usful for remembering new thoughts and ideas before one forgets them. Does this fit in with the usage rules for ProWiki? Might it be possible for me to use the ProWikiSoftware scripts on my own web space, or would you rather you kept ProWikiSoftware in-house? I am in the middle of changing jobs and moving house, but I could possibly make a donation of some sort once that has finished. -- MilkMiruku

Sorry for my delayed answer, I was thinking a bit about it. As I said, you can't put the ProWikiSoftware elsewhere. If you want a wiki, you can get it on one of the servers. It can be open or closed or partially open - there are no technical problems. I have not set my mind on the commercial side of selling English private wikis. Let's say you are the #1 customer - from which country? - and go three years free - the only thing I request is a proof of your real identity and some personal information as is typically given on a homepage or in a resume. -- HelmutLeitner

Righty ho, and thank you very much

I am from the United Kingdom. My online journal is hosted by livejournal here (since the start of 2002), where I also moderate some large livejournal communities. I was a member of the Jabber Software Foundation. I am the admin of the Jmem jabber server component (which is in the alpha stages at this moment in time), which is basically an interface to allow jabber users to edit online content, from blog entries to flat files (and possibly wiki's some day soon). I am also the main contributor to the work-in-progress Interoperable Log Format Jabber Enhancement Protocol document. I am afraid I do not have an up to date Curriculum Vitae together right at this moment (that is one task I need to sort out at some point soon). Is that enough, or would you like any more references? -- MilkMiruku

Milk, send me a fax or e-mail attachment with a copy of a personal document (e. g. driver license or bank account printout - blacken anything too private), age, profession, post address and e-mail address will do. Either fax to +43 316 38 34 62 or MAIL office (AT) . -- HelmutLeitner

Sure. I should have my passport around the house somewhere.. I don't have access to a scanner, so I'll probably get a photocopy of some relevant documents then fax that through, either tomorrow or on Monday (I don't own a fax machine either). -- MilkMiruku

Fine, I'll wait for it and then we talk about placement and configuration details. -- HelmutLeitner

I sent you a fax circa 15:15 UTC today -- MilkMiruku

Thank you, I've got it, everything's fine. Ok, let's talk about the wiki and it's setup. Do you want to discuss the details here or by using e-mail? -- HelmutLeitner

E-mail would probably be best, unless you have a Jabber ID or use some other IM system? If not, MAIL miruku (AT)

sent you an e-mail and installed your wiki at yesterday -- HelmutLeitner