November 24, 2004
Personal Wiki

A personal wiki is a private information system. It may contain hundreds or thousands of pages:

  • professional and private notes and checklists
  • project designs and notes
  • papers or books you are writing
  • active calendars and task lists
You may access the wiki from almost anywhere:

  • your computer at work
  • your computer at home
  • your wireless pda or laptop
  • any internet cafe
  • hotels that offers internet access
  • ...
Advantages compared to a paper notebook:

  • the wiki may grow in any direction and become as large as you want
  • you can do a full text search through all pages within seconds
  • all links, e-mail addresses and images are active and immediately usable
  • you can cut and paste content from other internet source to the wiki and back
  • you can create any number of folders you like and put pages in more than one folder
A personal wiki is typically kept private. Access is only given to those that have a valid username and password for the wiki.

A personal wiki may be configured to have PrivateAndPublicBranches.