October 30, 2006
Pro Wiki And Tiddly Wiki

Helmut, TiddlyWiki is an important development for us to know about, and in particular, because UnaMesaAssociation is funding their work, just as it is my MinciuSodas laboratory's work on MyFoodStory. GregWolff of UnaMesaAssociation is looking for us to adopt it, certainly it is relevant for our offline work in Africa and elsewhere.

TiddlyWiki is a wiki that is programmed in JavaScript. The entire wiki is placed in one large HTML file. The user doesn't realize it is all one page, but the fact that it is means that it can be used offline in any browser and easily shared by email. It is much more simple to get going than a wiki on a server. There is a large and rapidly growing community with 10,000 letters so far and quite a few spinoff projects. Furthermore, the reliance of JavaScript also allows for an animation of the interface, such as subpages closing and opening.

I think this is an non-incremental development that changes the shape of the wiki world. Another such development to think about is that there is a new and much improved version of TheBrain that is out and will soon be available on Linux and Macintosh. At that point I would be interested to use TheBrain in some way.

All of this suggests that we have a clear and focused RoadMap for ProWiki and that we organize resources for that. My own interest is a focus on a multiwiki approach that helps projects grow from very small to very large and therefore provides clear levels of sophistication that can be organized in a unified framework as I'm hoping to do at OurCulture. Also, I think it's important that we find ways to integrate ProWiki usefully with TiddlyWiki, TheBrain, RSS and other systems. We do need a community with the activity and energy of a TiddlyWiki or a PmWiki. AndriusKulikauskas October 30, 2006 10:51 CET

Andrius, I tested TiddlyWiki a while ago and I think it's a nice concept. Javascript has the downside of not working with every browser. I'd be happy if someone finds the energy to implement interfaces to as many tools as possible. -- HelmutLeitner October 30, 2006 11:58 CET