January 6, 2008
Pro Wiki Translations

A single ProWiki translation currently contains about 415 pairs of terms, messages and sentences that are part of the user interface and interactions.

The langugages currently (April 2006) available are:

In preparation (no ETA yet): The user interface language is controlled by the variable WikiLanguage and can be configured for parts of a ProWiki. This is handy in many situations.

See for example the German DorfWiki:RecentChanges containing
DorfWiki:FrontPage -- an English front page entry
DorfWiki:VORI -- an English subspace prototype using a different layout
DorfWiki:Portada/RecentChanges -- a Spanish SubWiki for a Latin American project.
all in a single standard ProWiki.

Configuration and command line use English only. With respect to the CDML commands ProWiki is bilingual and understands English and German at the same time.

The translation work is pretty predictable, about 12-20 hours, depending on how computer literate and wiki literate the translator is. The translation is done interactively by editing the TranslationMap which is a normal wiki page, see for example: RWS:TranslationMap for the Russian ProWiki translation.

The character encodings typically used are iso-8859-1 and UTF-8.

Administration / Configuration

HowToAdmin/Configure a Language gives an roadmap.

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