October 26, 2009
Robert Abitbol

Anyone can write stories there by the way! Any kind of story! Not just travel stories.

Helmut, come see the manual trails system I put in place. You'll like it!

I even put a link to your Front page!

I didn't put an exclamation mark on the end because the program does not accept such punctuation in links.

Come post a story anytime (travel story or not)

Questions and comments to Helmut

Nice new presentation! The navigation is not easy however.

I was desperately looking for the Folders button!

You, like me come up with stuff no one before has thought of. That is what makes us true inventors. For example who would have thought of rendering this into green and that into blue?

I have visited hundreds of wikis and no one ever thought of doing this. Brillianto! (in blue! )

Talking about folders, I believe the word Folder is very appropriate. It's the invention of yours I like the most.

In the old days on the old Prowiki, when one clicked on Folders, he/she'd see a list of all the folders on the wiki. It was in fact a Usemod search of all pages titles with the folder criterium.

I can't seem to recall the syntax for this function. Do you remember it? It was very useful to list folders this way!

It was one of Usemod's system actions.

OK! I found it. Thanks anyway!

Another thing: Like I suggested, you programmed and implemented a very elegant left window a few years ago. Can you give me the code, now that you are open source?

Is the left window function still here?

Yet another thing: Sunir Shah is not a bad guy. He probably has a good heart. And so do I. But the clash between us was inevitable: he has problems with (negative or not) criticism and I am an excellent provider of negative criticism (), besides being a little arrogant, blunt and sarcastic.

I have lots of difficulty wearing white gloves. Good thing I don't work for my country's foreign service! I'd start wars unknowingly!

I definitely should polish my manners as you once said! But it's hard!

You figured me out very well for you are smart and experienced. You knew I could't be a troll because a troll wants to hurt, to divide, to destroy.

I do the exact opposite: like our [Matis Menzel], I want to create, to unite, to improve. Except I do it in a loud way in a way that a few people don't enjoy.

You wrote on a German site that I descended on C2 wiki. I never did. I was trying to be kind, generous, open-minded, tolerant; I tried to contribute good material.

But I was constantly harassed, provoked by a few idiots (like Earle Martin) who thought they owned the place while Ward was watching elsewhere.

I had to react.

Sunir did provoke me. But not knowingly. He simply reacted very aggressively to my negative criticism towards Meatball wiki. I told him it was a brainstorming wiki. I'll stop here!

The guy took it very very bad!

I had made a mental image of Sunir as being an open-minded guy, a cool guy, a geek, a happy-go-lucky guy open to suggestions. My mental image was totally wrong and I suffered the consequences.

Perhaps I should be more cautious in my dealings with people over internet.

You determined the problem right away when you talked about polishing my manner. I think you must be an excellent manager.

This is ancient story anyway.

I see that you have a function to give details about a page (for FolderVirtualData).

Well I had the very same idea a few years ago!

Can you actually do that for every page? Give it a few lines of description that will appear when you do a search?

Robert, yes, if I understand you correctly. Also the first paragraph or sentence is automatically as "intro" variable. P.S. How are you doing? -- HelmutLeitner March 9, 2007 16:24 CET

I am doing great, thanks! I still love those wikis and so do you I can see! I still remember the picture of you well dressed in front of boats, with the grey hair, the suit. Swell!

I am still using the folders word you started. Excellent idea!

Intro variable. Do you mean that every page on your (excellent) Pro-wiki is described when we make a search or when we click on All pages? If it is not manually described then we get the first two lines? Am I right?

About the group system on Usemod, it is a clever invention. But there are more drawbacks than benefits to it. The main drawback is that a page always belong to a group and it makes for long titles and hard referencing. It's also pretty hard to explain to newbies!

It's great for a local, personal wiki however but not for a community I believe.

About your minor edit invention, it was abused left and right on C2 by people who wanted to hide their major changes.

For this reason, it's a good thing Ward took it off. For years he must have seen major changes hidden as minor edits on his logs and he decided to (finally!) do something about it.

Minor Edits was a sort of clever idea assuming one is not interested in minor edits. But it's not always the case. I am interested in it. A few people are. Sometimes gnome replace a well-spelled word with a mistake; it is really funny!

Tough sell to the general public, the wiki! Very hard to navigate on.

I'd love to hear your comments on your attempts to sell Prowiki.

Now, since I am cautious and I wear white gloves, I ask the permision first.

So here is the question:

Can I give you suggestions for your Pro Wiki?

The worse part about a Usemod wiki is that the original summary gets deleted. When we edit the page many times in a few minutes, we have to re-write all the time. What a bummer!

If you are interested, we could try to automate the creation of pages and of folders. You are a Perl programmer (and an excellent one I can see!). I am not a programmer (still not!).

In fact, you have even programmed that function! WOW!

  • [[Do the square brackets work?]]

Keep up the great wiki work!

-- Robert Abitbol

October 15th 2009, 7h 21 pm

Hi Helmut,

Always a pleasure to come visit the past on your zer sheun Pro Wiki which is in many ways an art of love.

You know my fondness for split screens. If by chance you have some code for split screens written in Perl, I'd love to have it.

Thanks a million and take care!

-- Robert Abitbol, alive and well and still in love with wikis but still having mixed feelings about humans! Humans in collaborative wikis. Experience has taught me that I'm too smart for own good and I better work by myself. Good thing I am solitary by nature!

Can you write me at this address? I need to ask you something.

Danke scheun!

AndriusKulikauskas October 26, 2009 16:42 CET Hi Robert, I am working on some split screen interface but it's in PHP.


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