May 5, 2021
Helmut Leitner
A software developer from Graz, Austria. Born 1955, married, two children. MS at the Technical University of Graz. Owner of HLS Software Development in Graz, Austria. Developer of the ProWikiSoftware and founder of WikiService.

  • MAIL leitner (AT)
  • Mobile phone: +43 676 7221638
  • Skype: Helmut Leitner, Graz -- "let's talk wiki"

Goal Statement

  • I want to know everything about wiki and help people to make the best use of wiki. Wiki is an important technology and it will change the way people collaborate and make use of the Net.
  • I work to make ProWiki the most powerful and flexible WikiEngine. I'm aware that if we should succeed, it's only because the feedback we get. The real world needs of the ProWiki users drive the development process.

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Hey, I was just wondering; do you use any instant messaging system (e.g jabber)? -- MilkMiruku

Occasionally, but up to now, not jabber. Why do you ask? -- HelmutLeitner

I was thinking it might possibly be a cleaner method to sound of possible suggestions (and help questions), rather than just popping my first thoughts onto the ProWiki, but it doesn't matter if you don't use IM. -- MilkMiruku

Helmut, I just tested CdmlQuestion both on Mozilla and Explorer (cookies accepted) and it does not seem to work. Anyway I will check later on another PC. On another hand, could we imagine to drive a multilingual experiment for opening a wiki dedicated to lead some french tests for WikiSchool on ProWikiSoftware ? Still really amazed of some of your new features (JabberPresence, CdmlQuestion, CdmlHotspot), I would be interested in trying to push some french design to build a first example of a WikiSchoolDemo in French ? I think it could help. And imho, FractalWiki remains complicated to build some DetachedWiki -- ChristopheDucamp

/Archives about WikiSchool Messages - march 2004

Why not. If you have a school / teacher at hand that wants to use it ... I'll offer a 300 pages free wiki. -- HelmutLeitner

Great Helmut. Next Monday I will try to report a french experience with FractalWiki:LudiBio in Normandie. It's a science experience for young children led by a friend Olivier (teacher in Science and organizing Green Classes). The experience is about measuring the indice biotique d'une rivière. In few words, young children coming from Paris and subburb will measure a note of water quality in a river. 0 means very polluted and 10 very clean. I think a dedicated wiki could make sense. Just to make other children understand a very simple experience. And could help to build a wikischooldemo in french. What do you think. -- ChristopheDucamp

You decide. Try to find people that pay you in enthusiasm or "spreading the word". Kids are nice but they won't stick to the wiki, because to them its only another technical gadget. Older people have a chance to see - from live experience - that wiki offers totally new qualities of participation and cooperation. Get a balance of these "lightweight" and "heavy" aspects. -- HelmutLeitner

Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name. MattisManzel


Thanks for your help and the link across.


Just to mention, you might be interested in --MilkMiruku May 22, 2006 0:13 CET

Milk, thank you for this link. I'll make an entry for ProWiki as soon as possible. -- HelmutLeitner May 22, 2006 9:00 CET

Just done it, at WikiMatrix, thanks again for the helpful hint. -- HelmutLeitner May 22, 2006 15:27 CET

MattisManzel May 25, 2006 17:01 CET: Hi Helmut. Pretty here, haven't been around for a while, too many bookmarks, know? Two questions: When did you create prowiki-center (I don't find the page-history) and is this / is this going to be a wiki-hive (means instant wiki-creation without a confirmation)?

HelmutLeitner May 26, 2006 7:22 CET: Hi Mattis. (1) Only the name is new, I added "Center" to make it distinguishable from the software itself. the SupportWiki is now labelled ProWikiZentrum but the center of development and community communication has moved here. (2) there are lots of plans but at the moment I've a lot of thing to do. Complete documentation here, cope with the sourceforge project, get WikiAcademy going, and then ... WikiNet. There are already three additional ProWikiProviders and I hope to have a dozen until next year. If we can arbitrarily connect their wikis to WikiClusters in neighborhoods, this will be next big step forward.

Why do you insist on "instant wiki-creation without a confirmation"? Do the existing free wiki farms no satisfy you?

Hello Helmut, on the edit page there is checkbox for minor edits, but on the preference page there is no option for listing of minor edits on RecentChanges. Are minor edits supported by the ProWiki engine? -- MarkusLude

Markus, yes, MinorEdits are supported. ActionRc lists the options to put e. g. a link on the RecentChanges page. I'll put such a link there. To make this selectable in the "Preferences" would make a good FeatureRequests/MinorEditsPreferencesOption. -- HelmutLeitner June 4, 2006 12:26 CET

Hello, on the page ProWikiAndMoinMoin in section Weaknesses of MoinMoin:

In the sentence "... But at the same time, the these features show ..." there seems to be missing something between the and these.

And something other: I used the browser dillo to fast check our pages for valid HTML. The browser is strict and has a small icon at the bottom which displays a check mark if the page is ok or otherwise a small beetle. If you click on the later one a new window pops up which lists all the markup errors.

-- MarkusLude

Markus, thank you for these helpful hints. -- HelmutLeitner August 14, 2006 19:22 CET

The Web developer extension for firefox might be useful too. The toolbar has lots of options and shows three checkmarks or exclamation marks for correct/wrong html css js -- MarkusLude

Good afternoon Helmut, hope the weather is as beautiful over there as it is here today! I've just noticed that is returning a directory listing instead of forwarding to as before and was wondering if you might be able to help? Thanks, and I hope you're doing well. --MilkMiruku March 25, 2009 17:09 CET

Hi, I hope you are doing well. I thought you might be interested in this guy because he seems to be talking about a fractal wiki: . It seems he has recently started a wiki for math techniques (, and he started a wiki which was used to solve an open math problem: . -- BayleShanks