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Older Forest Thoughts

1. What the site needs

  • About The Forest - articles; about us w/ subarticles on WGs, facilities, etc
  • News/blogs
  • Event listings - what's happening; WGs, workshops, gallery related, movie/documentary, etc
  • Images - of events and general forest shots
  • Store - forest shop, forest music, etc
  • News & events - categories, feeds, multi-user + ACL
  • Events system (calendar for TK, etc) - ics/ical export/import
  • phpBB integration? phpBB replacement?
  • wiki or wiki-esq articles?
  • e-commerce - for forest records and other sales
  • gallery - ajax lightbox would be cool
  • A site wide theme - can't really start on this until we select a CMS or are sure we're stucking with phpBB2 or moving to phpBB3
So, in a nutshell:
  • news blog
  • events
  • e-commerce
  • gallery
Inspiration for layout/design

Possible CMSs

no; other;

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