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This page should detail what is the business problem P2PVenture tries to address. It must explain in detail what people are trying to achieve, why it is difficult or why they can't do now something they would like to do.


The main assumption we have to validate is that there is a significant mass of people who are unsatisfied with a category of the investments they do today. This can be cash deposits that stay there because of unattractive alternative opportunities, or that can be investments in funds where the absence of control on the destination makes them unhappy. On the other side, we have to find the enterprises that can not find the financing they are seeking, or find it at an unattractive rate or attached conditions. We could imagine also supplemental services (e.g. "opening gates" in startup investments by Business Angels) that P2PVenture could offer and that entrepreneurs do not find in standard deals with banks, VCs or credit houses and they are obliged to find elsewhere. -- FredericBaud

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P2PVenture's Mission is to help creating a full-scale P2P screening and funding platform for startups and small businesses' projects.

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