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Business Plan /
Growth Strategy

This page should detail the way P2PVenture will reach the target share of the market it wants to address. It should give the dynamics and the lever it will use. What are the key resources necessary to serve the corresponding market, how P2PVenture will build these resources up, will it use external financing to achieve that more rapidly?


Most probably they will be some economies of scale in P2PVenture final business model. In this case, there is the challenge to reach a level of operation where the cost of the necessary fixed resources can be covered by the revenue of the activity (e.g. if we have a basic fixed operating cost of $2M per year and that we derive a 1% of revenue from loans, we must generate at least $200M of loans every year to cover the operating cost. Reaching this minimal level of $200M should not consume too many resources compared to the future earnings that the final state will be able to derive). -- FredericBaud

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P2PVenture's Mission is to help creating a full-scale P2P screening and funding platform for startups and small businesses' projects.

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