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This is where the rubber meets the road. The best business plan is worthless if you do not have a team to implement it. In a project, assembling the team is the most critical part. Usually, you either start with a small team (a pair of college dropouts) that build a mini-business plan and go for it. Or you have a strong-willed individual that start on his own and slowly gather stakeholders around his idea project and initial achievement.

In BarCampBank, we want to try differently and develop business plans in a complete open manner. We believe that community process can lead to better plans for businesses that are ripe for explosion. While visionary plans can only grow out of a deeply committed team ready to cross deserts to make their vision happen, opportunity plans can emerge from the heads of many individuals who spot the same fuzzy possibility at the same time.

If you are excited about implementing the P2PVenture business that is described here and want to keep contact with BarCampBank and use its network in making this happen, you should come with an open mind and see how a team can be assembled to materialize the project.

The process is open and the best way is to start contributing on P2PVenture. If you prefer to have a private discussion first, you can contact:

- FredericBaud

P2Pventure Live

P2PVenture's Mission is to help creating a full-scale P2P screening and funding platform for startups and small businesses' projects.

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