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Business Plan /
Marketing And Sales

This page should detail what will be the marketing strategy, who will be the initial target customers, what will be the key messages and how the value proposition will be clearly explained to the target. It should also detail the sales strategy, what will be the profile of the sales rep, the compensation plan, the sales pitch.


February 14, 2007

To give more content to a "Web 2.0" marketing and sales strategy may be this can be dubbed as "build it and they will come". This may sound a bit scary and not entirely true. I think what proves successful is something riding on a social movement (the famous viral marketing). Word of mouth is a very powerful tool, but it may not apply to any project. So we have to give to the platform right from the start the angle that will resonate within certain communities (can be national unemployment agencies, regional programs,..).

Another aspect is that I think the marketing and sales costs should stay "very" low for a long period of time. I don't really see the platform catching fire like u-tube did and it must be ready to live for a long time on a diet. This is an additional reason to try using existing networks (like agencies and programs mentioned above) to grow the awareness around the platform. -- FredericBaud

January 22, 2007 Most probably P2PVenture will have a very "Web 2.0" marketing and sales strategy. It may though have partners and business development and strategic partnership management should be explained here. -- FredericBaud

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