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February 12, 2007

If we think P2PVenture could contain incubation, the needs for a platform within BarCampBank represent an interesting use case. Within BarCampBank, we have projects that we want to incubate and provide them with the tools to help them grow from ideas to full-scale endeavors.

To take an analogy, think of Source Forge for banking and finance projects. We would need to assemble all the tools and the how-to knowledge to help developing top-notch business models. Any thoughts? -- FredericBaud

February 10, 2007

I think that we could go and start thinking building a prototype. This could be very small scale, very limited. The purpose can be just to check if the idea can fly and definitely not implement all the function that will be eventually necessary for a full-scale P2PVenture platform.

What I'm thinking of right now is a very simple site where people with a project can meet people with knowledge that could be interested in investing or lending money. A facilitator site just to exchange information. That could be a way to probe if there is really enough mass on both-sides (investors and enterprise) that seek each other.

I discovered http://www.startup.com a while ago and think this could be something serving as a start for thinking of a limited prototype. If you have a site or know a site that could indeed cooperate with BarCampBank to implement basic ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us. -- FredericBaud

I d prefer another way to do it. If you do such a prototype, in the way you describe it, you have a good chance to get some trafic and get people connected on both sides ("pretended investors" and "start up"). So what ? what is the image you will give, what is the quality of the service provided, what will be the real added value you give to all people connected etc. So, Ok to do a Web2 prototype but according to the normal way of doing business and strategy ;o) : First we think then we act and certainly not the contrary (my opinion ;o) ). What does it mean ?: well as usual : vision, mission, opportunity, market analysis and positionning, target, management team, ressources, mkt strategy, customer benefits, bizmodel, partnerships etc. and when we agree on that Ok to do a prototype. This does not mean that we will not do anything, it means that we ll do what we envision according to exchanges and cross analysis etc. I thought this was the scope of the P2PVenture BarCampBank. Don't you agree? PatrickLardant

I agree with the standard sequencing and this is what correspond to the BusinessModel, BusinessPlan, ExecutiveSummary and ElevatorPitch part of the project.
Now, when to do a prototype all depends on the cost. If it is a 6000 prototype just to get a feeling and test a couple of ideas, I think this could be worth doing and assembling the money should not be that hard. If well thought, the first results we could get would certainly cover the costs. And if the image is bad, we can always let the site die. If it is a 200k prototype, now this is a different matter. And it is certainly economical to spend enough time on the blueprint to strike it right the first time.

In fact, part of the idea is based on what YCombinator is doing. Although I don't think we can replicate the model everywhere in the world, I like the idea of building something just to get a sense of the business (especially if it is cheap).

All in all, I don't have any strong leaning. I think we can be very opportunistic if we spot a quick win, even if we work methodically on the long trend. Sharing and cross-analysis is definitely the basis. To everyone, please contribute with your own views. -- FredericBaud

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