Forum changed: February 15, 2007


A test of the wiki-net page structure on prowiki

I created this to test what happens when I copy the structure for wiki-net embedded wikis I made up on oddwiki over to prowiki. A template for this structure is the empty-wiki (for the oddwiki-hive).

I wonder how the wiki-net will have changed again when I'm through here

Sorry but I don't get the piggy switched off on top. I'll put a logo for the sand-wiki but haven't quite figured out where.

Not quite clear yet

  • Here on this wiki there is the ( clean linked) front / blog = FrontPage (in CamelCase). And there is the page SandWiki.
  • On the oddwikis I have front / blog (linking from the title in the banner) and the "central topical page" which is the first link in the horizontal bar (called GotoBar on oddwiki). That "central topical page" is the sand-box on a sand-wiki. Let's see.
Can I change the name of Forum to talk and RecentChanges to changes here? Wouldn't be too much of a problem if not.

Is there a calendar?

Fun. Thanks Helmut and everybody.

ChristopheDucamp : Bonjour Mattis.

MattisManzel, 2007-02-15:
Thanks xtof. The image was just a test, sure. I'll change it. Gotta do some silly work now and will return here here as soon as ready.