18 Mai, 2006
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Extrait de : CdmlElements

Un des CdmlElements trouvé sur le GründerWiki:CdmlDokument... Bientôt en anglais ou français pour construire ou assembler un jeu de pages wikis ?

* AusZeit
* EchtZeit
* FaceToFace
* FlatRate
* WissensManagement




La traduction en anglais pourrait donner ?

Tour de quelques éléments Cdml

Christophe, in principle it already exists in English (remember, all English CDML-elements and parameter names are all lower case). But there are some rough spots with respect to subwiki usage. Please give me a week or so to refine it. It's a development spike to support certain GründerWiki content development (we are going for a wiki tutorial and a wiki handbook), so I had to quickly develop a prototype that's not yet intended for general use. But expect a fully working element soon, and interesting extensions during the next few months (transform this into a single HTML page, a RTF file - that's why this is called document not trail). -- HelmutLeitner

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