Jesse Robbins




  Jesse Robbins is the lead organizer of the Black Rock Federal Credit Union, a member owned, non-profit, financial cooperative serving the Burning Man community.

email jesse.robbins at blackrockfederal.com



Welcome on FractalWiki. -- ChristopheDucamp

Hi Jesse, welcome here (whatever here means). Maybe you could be interested in BarCampBank. Do not hesitate to post on its Forum. I've seen the photo of your presentation on flickr: 1) banks suck 2) credit unions are awesome. Could be the start for a good exchange of views. Cheers. -- FredericBaud

Absolutely! -- JesseRobbins

CreditUnions? ARE awesome! -- SamRose

PS. Jesse, I know that folks here are really interested in helping BarCampBank come to America, and perhaps some time in the future in your area you might be interested helpingto organize a BarCampBank conference. It's also possible that there might just be one big US BarCampBank conference to start out with. If you are interested in this, let me know.

The short answer is yes, I'd be honored to help bring the BarCampBank to the US. --JesseRobbins

Hi Jesse, that would be really great! Maybe we can have a chat on Skype (my id is fredericbaud) or MSN (my details are on my personal page): I could give you info on how we organized the BarCamp:BarCampBank3 and exchange on different subjects related to BarCampBank. Sam, are you on Skype? We could alternatively organize a flashmeeting with interested people (Jean-Christophe would you be interested?). Anyhow, first step may be just to get together on Skype and arrange the details of this. Does that work for you? -- FredericBaud