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  This is a Wiki spike. It was installed Jul 5, 2003 to explore, test and develop the ideas of fractality and contextuality in a wiki. Anyone is invited to contribute. -- HelmutLeitner

In short this spike is about

how to enable any wiki page to become a new wiki
of its own. It's not as easy as it may sound.

Search for subwikis (definitions of WikiBase?):

If you want to know more, either mail MAIL helmut.leitner (AT) chello.at or turn to the MeatBall:RecentChanges where some of the issues have already been discussed.

Positional information

The FractalWiki will give you more information about you position in the hierarchy than you will typically have in such a wiki. Any page typically shows its full names while this might be abbreviated in the typical situation. You have all "forefathers" in the link bar for easy navigation.


This wiki uses subpages:

Variable UseSubpage:

Interesting might be the page On a content management note:

  • a path to a wiki page and/or page element, from the above list (e.g., SubPages/Aa/Bb/Cc), would be known as a "filename" in a computer filing system, providing a full path to navigate to some content/resource;
  • these aggregate wiki content paths are known as "namespaces" in hierarchical information structures such as directories, file systems, repositories, and XML files;
  • can be labeled with corresponding identifying codes that enable rapid, shorthand navigation of the paths, known as object identifiers (OID) such as "3." for Subpages, "3.1" for SubPages/Aa, out to "" for SubPages/Aa/Ba/Cc/Dd/Ee?;
  • OID are standardized by the International Standards Organization, and are meant to provide globally-unique namespace management;
  • OID provide relative/contextual/situational namespace management within a content container, in comparison to absolute/isolated "name" management with Globally Unique Identifiers - GUID (e.g., from SQL 92) or Universally Unique Identifiers - UUID (e.g., from W3C).
Please note that the page title may be abbreviated (for navigational purposes you will always have all forefathers in the link bar):

The abbreviation is according to WikiBase? and prepares the separation of branches as separate wikis.

Questions and problems:

  • How deep can I go? Until you run into the page length limit (currently a hard limit of 120 chars).
  • Where does this UseSubpage come from? Look into ConfigurationVariable.
  • What if I don't want subpages? ToDo
  • What if I don't want subpages at a certain level? ToDo

When you use the ProWikiSoftware, you can configure your system of categories. That means you can chose the names you use. A time ago we renamed "categories" to "folders" which seems to be less academic. Folders and good old categories work just the same, it's only a matter of names.

It also makes "selling" wiki easier. While you have to decide into which folder to put a document in the real world, you can put it into many wiki folders at the same time. The advantage is easier to communicate than when using the term category.


There will be subwikis to improve the Fractality step by step:

Context Examples

Variable AutoLinkStrategies:
B;D;T;N{FR EN/BarCampBank FR/BarCamp FR/PinkoMarketing FR/PinkoMarketing/SafariPhoto WikiGlossaire};S;L

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