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This page is the welcome page of the <n>P2P Venture</n> project. You are kindly invited to participate by editing freely this wiki. You can first share ideas or participate in discussions though the Forum page. White-papers can be collaboratively modified by anyone wanting to add their share.

===Life of the WorkGroup =
# Forum: can be where to start; just post a simple hello and possibly go on describing what's your interest in this WorkGroup
# Yahoo Group: a mailing list using Yahoo groups. Subscribe here if you want to be informed and exchange via email with the other members of the WorkGroup.

===Goal =

The goal of the P2PVenture project is to help creating a platform enabling ordinary people invest a small part of their money (prudential investments are the rule) in startups and small businesses.

Following the Pyramid metaphor, we are seeking to create:
# a place for exchanges - where interested people can freely exchange on the subject of p2p investments
# a think-tank - that creates noteworthy white-papers
# an incubator - where a full-blown business model can be elaborated and where hopefully money can be collected to finance a team that will start implementing it.

===Content =
# BusinessModel
# BusinessPlan
# ExecutiveSummary
# ElevatorPitch
# Prototype
===Compass =

Below is a list of links to particular pages within the P2PVenture space:

# IndustryWatch - page listing the sites and business related to P2PVenture
# ProjectScreening - page collaboratively maintaining a white-paper on the different phases of a project
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P2Pventure Live

P2PVenture's Mission is to help creating a full-scale P2P screening and funding platform for startups and small businesses' projects.

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