Context Variables / Wiki Language





  WikiLanguage defines the default user interface languages that is used in rendering a wiki page.

Supported values:

  • WikiLanguage=0 (English)
  • WikiLanguage=1 (German)
  • WikiLanguage=2 (French) under construction
There are a number of problems related with language. While we can easily find the correct context for any page that we display, this is not that easy for functions (actions) that are not directly related to pages.

The current solution is that all actions are rendered using an additional parameter (lang=N) containing the current language. This parameter takes precendence over the default WikiLanguage value for actions (a value that might come from the configurations file).

One consequence is that all actions may be easily tested from the command line for their language rendering. Just add a lang=N using the language of your choice. This can also be used for normal pages by using the "action=browse&id=pagename" or the shorter "browse=pagename" actions:

All forms incorporate the WikiLanguage parameter that is given to them as a hidden form field "lang=N" and pass it on the following actions. At least that's the theory.

Note that in the end, when WikiFractality is really working (might not be that far away), an additional parameter in the user preferences, let's say "preferred user interface language" may allow the user to enable his language for all wiki activities. I think currently this would rather confuse (me=HelmutLeitner).

I would prefer that greatly. Last time I was here, I stumbled into the french part and had quite some troubles finding my way out, because I don't speak (or read) french. -- DseWiki:DavidSchmitt

Question: What if I configure WikiLanguage=3?

The software won't find texts for this language number and use English instead. At some point in the future the next language will be supported and the interface will turn Spanish, Russion or whatever. So it seems better not to use undefined language numbers. -- HelmutLeitner