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Bar Camp Bank Flash Meeting4

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  • We talked about mission statement. Agreed that for now, current MissionStatement is a good working base. It is general enough to encompass all of the possible branches and directions, yet helps guide at the same time. Mission statement can be adjusted and modified over time as necassary.
  • Discussion of PinkoMarketing as it applies to spreading the word about BarCampBank online. Discussion of blogging, and how blogging can be used in combination with wikis, and other social mediums, to attract new people. SamRose suggests a community marketing "Planet" blog. Shows examples like Spreadfirefox, and Planet OpenID. SamRose suggests a 2 pronged approach: that we eventually create a Planet BarCampBank, or maybe, a blog using http://www.reblog.org/, where we can plug in blog feeds from many people over time, and create a Meta-blog that compiles blogging from many people over time. New people can be invited to have their relevant blogs reblogged here. We can also create a community marketing meta-blog, and community marketing pages on wiki, that invites people to create and innovate marketing (like logos, movies, animation, blog badges, t-shirts, etc) around the BarCampBank project. This can have contests, etc. More brainstorming about this later...
  • SamRose also suggests Grid Blogging, where we invite many bloggers, both high profile and otherwise, to blog from their own perspectives around a certain topic, and then we ask them to track their grid blog posts with agreed-upon tags in places like del.icio.us, magnolia, Diigo, etc. We could do this once a month, and also ask grid bloggers to point back to our BarCampBank blog and wiki sites. We can also use a blog to blog about what we are doing on the wiki, what we are developing, discussing, etc. This can help people who are not as familiar with wiki processes come to understand them through an online medium that tehy do understand (the blog).
  • FredericBaud suggested a 4 level model that covers a spectrum of online Pinko/grassroots/cuttung edge to mainstream media and culture, (will summarize later, no access to sound right now --SamRose)
  • We talk about WikiNet Chaos. MattisManzel gives advice about managing wikis across wiki net. We decide that we will create partner english wiki here, instead of at Wikia or other external space. But, we discuss how we can create and maintain presences at spaces like barcamp.org and wikia, that contain important and timely information, and point back to here. SamRose points http://www.barcampbank.com to this page (if it is not working, clear your browser cache and try again). We decide to try and build this english wiki instance ot be very simple, for outsiders/newcomers to understand. We also decide to play around with this wiki instance and try to address the useability to make it less confusing for people who don't understand the WikiFractility. We can address those issues on WikiUsability.
  • Frederic breifly mentioned social networking. Although we did not discuss social networking in flashmeeting4, this can also be a fantastic medium to spread BarCampBank. This can include creating social presences on many popular social network sites, both social (MySpace, tribe, etc) and business (LinkedIn). Most of these networks have the ability to create groups, and they are good channels to allow people to opt-in to quick updates and messages about BarCampBank. We can discuss this on the wiki, or in a future flashmeeting. We can also create our own hosted social network site, using http://elgg.org/ (see example at http://elgg.net/), or [peopleaggregator http://peopleaggregator.com/]. I am interested in combining something elgg with openid, and later combining microformats, and wikis like Prowiki, OddMuse
The aim of BarCampBank is to foster innovations and the creation of new business models in the world of banking and finance.

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