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December, 31 2006

As we are moving closer to 2007, now seems a right time to post a "Happy New Year to all barcampbankers in the world". See you again in 2007. -- FredericBaud

Seems to be a good idea Frederic. Happy new year to all of you. -- PierrePhilippeCormeraie

Cool Forum... Best wishes. If you're in Paris on 3 january, you're all invited to our next CraoWiki:WikiSchoolParis. We could also speak of MicroFormats ! -- xtof

3 janvier 2007 de 19h30, à 22h00WikiSchoolParis4 place de Valois 75001 Paris
Vous êtes tous les bienvenus. S'il n'y a personne, demandez Mathieu au Wistro du RoyalValois

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December, 30 2006

Sam, can you let me know when you have the opportunity to redirect http://france.barcampbank.com to http://www.wikiservice.at/fractal/wikidev.cgi?FR/BarCamp/BarCampBank ? I'm planning to send a mail next week announcing BarCampBank3 to a bunch of people here in France, and I would have liked to include the http://france.barcampbank.com link in the mail. Thx. -- FredericBaud

Frederic, sorry about that my friend. It took me a moment to figure out how to do it. But, now if you clear your browser cache, you can load http://www.wikiservice.at/fractal/wikidev.cgi?FR/BarCamp/BarCampBank at http://france.barcampbank.com -- SamRose

Thanks Sam. I have to test now the impression it makes to people typing http://france.barcampbank.com and having a page with this good looking design popping up, but I personnally think it's great and a definite step-up in our communication. Thx again. -- FredericBaud

No problem, Frederic. -- SamRose

December, 28 2006

I think that having http://www.barcampbank.com and http://france.barcampbank.com pointing to one instance of a wiki engine is already a great achievement that should contribute to make communication and recruitment easier.

As a general rule of thumb, my personal feeling is that we should try to keep the ratio of number of tools flavors divided by number of contributors as low as possible. PBWiki (for barcamp.org), Prowiki, FlashMeeting, Doodle, maybe SlideBliki, probably something about blogs,...are already a good base. When we have a proven workflow using all these tools, we'll have crossed the "Prototype gate" in the ProjectScreening wording. We'll then be in a good position to recruit more people and see what other features become necessary.

A small note regarding projects, we have the Tontine wiki here which is pretty active and a good example of what incubation within BarCampBank may look like. Unfortunately, the discussions are in French, I'm wondering if JeanChristopheCapelli would think it makes sense to open an English branch at this stage. -- FredericBaud

Frederic, I agree with your process above regarding introducing tools and workspaces. http://socialsynergyweb.net/cgi-bin/wiki/HomePage is basically my own project, my own experiment, with some people from CommunityWiki, and perhaps others. It is also going to be partially tied with experiments and projects that I am doing with the P2P Foundation.

Basically, this idea of Open Content Business Models, and a space to develop along the lines of my SocialSynergy:PeerInvest ideas is something that I have been very interested in doing for a while. Due to many opportunities presenting themselves to me here locally in Michigan, I've decided to just go ahead and launch the project.

Yet, per our discussion in the last flashmeeting, I don't want to cause proliferation of tools and online locations. So, http://socialsynergyweb.net/cgi-bin/wiki/HomePage definitely does not have to be tied to BarCampBank at all. Although, everything that I plan on putting into http://socialsynergyweb.net/cgi-bin/wiki/HomePage is very much based on everything that I have been presenting here. I just cannot wait for my ideas to develop within the confines of BarCampBank, because I have to make a living, pay a mortgage, etc, and this is my business. I need to start making progress locally. So, that is why http://socialsynergyweb.net/cgi-bin/wiki/HomePage exists.

Yet, I am fully committed to our think tank here, and our processes here. So, at the most, maybe BarCampBank participants/members of our think tank group can feel free to come and contribute and experiment with http://socialsynergyweb.net/cgi-bin/wiki/HomePage

But, maybe it should not yet be a "part" of BarCampBank. Maybe we should do official/actual BarCampBank incubations within the confines of this wiki, for the reasons we've already talked about. I agree Frederic, let's keep it simple Although, we may be able to learn from what emerges at http://socialsynergyweb.net/cgi-bin/wiki/HomePage

But, this wiki (ProWiki engine) affords us the ability to create a WikiHive of sorts, and we as BarCampBank should be able to do everything we are talking about within it for the most part.

So, we can consider http://socialsynergyweb.net/cgi-bin/wiki/HomePage as wiki project laucnhed by my own business, SocialSynergy. And, we can consider that BarCampBankers have an invitation to paricipate and use the WikiHive that is there, but it is not actually a part of BarCampBank itself. Does that work? -- SamRose

I see as very positive the Open Content Business Models initiative, and agree that we will learn a lot from it. In a couple of weeks when we have more hindsight on how pure banking and financial projects can use or not the local "WikiHive", we will have a better understanding on how we could mesh things together or relocate certain workspaces. -- FredericBaud

December, 25 2006

Merry Christmas to all barcampbankers in the world!!!

Sam, as a side note, I was wondering if we could have http://france.barcampbank.com pointing to http://www.wikiservice.at/fractal/wikidev.cgi?FR/BarCamp/BarCampBank ? And thanks again for the www subdomain on the English branch.

-- FredericBaud

Hi Frederic. ProjectScreening looks great. Will comment on it more there. We can definitely get subdomain pointing as you describe above. -- SamRose

Also, I like VisionStatement. I think that it is probably time for me to start blogging about BarCampBank.

Another note, I wanted to offer that I've set up an OddMuse WikiHive at http://socialsynergyweb.net/cgi-bin/wiki/HomePage. The WikiHive is intended for both OpenContentBusinessModels and for BarCampBank, which is quite related. Specifically, I am thinking that BarCampBank can use http://socialsynergyweb.net/cgi-bin/wiki/HomePage as a space for people who are proposing projects to create a wiki for their project, and to think about how to do ProjectScreening within wiki. The OddMuse wiki software itself may be modified to create a blog (complete with trackback, and keywords that ping Technorati), or SlideBliki, etc. Would love feedback on that

I will eventually also have a ProWiki installation set up as well. -- Sam

Hi all, sorry for answering late. As an occasional here, I think it's really great to have another mother-wiki dedicated to projects. Sam would you be ready to help me to test a Migration from my personal Bliki in order to try to make an efficient demo of MobileContent in Mother-wikis ?
I'd be eager also one day to alleviate Alex's server and would still be really interested
* to find the way to share costs with barcampbankers via WikiCalc during a future Flashmeeting (imagine a special Tontine for infrastructure maybe ?)
* to share any other vision to "fludify" money as we're currently experimenting on ou CalculatricePinko (the MicroFormats:relpayment-research could be perhaps studied here for international currencies ?)

My health is not on top, a bit ill since 3 days but still optimistic to gain energy durign holidays till January 2nd. I'll try to find time later to achieve some Sam's translation like this very nice document literacy of human nature ! A bit OffTopic here pehraps but so instructive. Thanks all. Keep on the good work... -- ChristopheDucamp December 28, 2006 16:41 CET

Christophe, I am not feeling well either. Here's hope that we both get better soon. Please rest and don't feel pressure.

I am totally fine with trying the migration from OddWiki to my server for a demo of Mobile Content. Whenever you're ready to try it, let me know (I think we are also going to be moving CommunityWiki:CollectiveProblemSolving wiki soon, too, so that will give yet another example).

We can still use the WikiCalc I have up on http://s4560.gridserver.com/cgi-bin/wikicalc/wikicalccgi.pl and I think it is a good idea to talk about pooling costs as you suggest, because it can help us do more, and I think we are getting closer to being ready to start talking about this as a group.

Will check out CalculatricePinko and give feedback on it.

It would be aweseome if you translate CommunityWiki:LiteracyOfHumanNature, although, definitely get some rest! --SamRose

Also, Christophe, I just now saw your message on OddWiki forum about the need to raise funding for developers like LaurentLunati, who has made some awesome contributions to the wiki community in the form of CSS and design tools. Laurent has made tremendous contributions, and I think it would be a good project between me and you to start putting some small scale community money raising into concrete reality, to try and help fund people like Laurent. When you return to action, let's really get this coversation going. We can even start out using http://fundable.org just to get things off the ground, for instance. -- SamRose

December, 18 2006

This quick note to say thanks to Christophe for setting up this English branch and that we shall start contributing as soon as possible. When we have enough pages here, we may run up an exercise to group subjects and use the fractality of this wiki engine. I should myself be in a better position to contribute to the boot strapping of this branch next week because I'll be on Christmas vacation at home for the whole week (some may argue that having kids on vacation with you may not make this so obvious). Anyhow, anyone should feel free to engage the process. -- FredericBaud

MattisManzel: Thanks Frederic for yesterday's barcamp-bank-ting and for setting up the wiki. It's nice when things start to get going. Bon natal' & cu --

SamRose: Thanks so much Christophe. Enjoy your vacation!

Frederic, I am still refactoring our huge discussion at http://www.communitywiki.org/odd/BarCampBank/BarCampBankDiscussion into different pages. I've already created a few, and I'll move them here.

Maybe we should also move http://barcamp.org/BarCampBankProjectScreening here, just to keep everything in one space?

Hi Sam, yes, I agree that BarCamp:BarCampBankProjectScreening should move to ProjectScreening here and that we shall start working on this wiki for this kind of things. Somewhere else, I was suggesting that we keep official information on BarCamp:BarCampBank events or BarCamp:BarCampBankFlashMeeting on the original wiki, but that we move and start any new work on this wiki.

I think you registered barcampbank.com a while ago. Is there a way we can make http://barcampbank.com point directly on this wiki's home page? Thx. -- FredericBaud

Quick update: got http://barcampbank.com to point at the HomePage of this wiki. Does not work with WWW.barcampbank.com, but, I am going to be transferring the domain to another provider a couple of weeks. So, I'll leave it the way it is now. Once I transfer it to a more long term place, I can get subdomains working too. -- SamRose

Sam, thanks for the update. Just tried http://barcampbank.com and it points to http://www.wikiservice.at/fractal/wikidev.cgi?EN/BarCampBank/. Would that be possible to make it point to http://www.wikiservice.at/fractal/wikidev.cgi?EN/BarCampBank (no ending slash)? It seems this wiki engine is making a difference.

This is really cool to have the simple http address and will probably make it easier to communicate with potential members. -- FredericBaud

I updated the .htaccess file so it would point right. For some reason it took all night to work. But, it is pointing to http://www.wikiservice.at/fractal/wikidev.cgi?EN/BarCampBank for me now. (instead of the url with "/" on the end). Also, now www.barcampbank.com works too! (clear your browser cache to make it work).

And, I have been parking on IRC at #barcampbank. I will try to register this channel today. I've found IRC is a great way to stay in touch with others that i am working with, let people know when important developments come up, etc. I think we can use it mostly for quick communications when needed. But also, people can be present through IRC at meetings, can be used as a backchannel for face to face meetings. IRC is also a good public channel to attract and engage new people. Especially if we put on our sites "meet us on IRC at #barcampbank". IRC definitely does not have to be a primary channel of communication. But it is a great supplementary channel. --SamRose

December, 17th 2006

Following this flashmeeting discussion, this BarCampBank Forum is now opened. FredericBaud and SamRose could help to seed the first pages. I'll try to talk to LaurentLunati next tuesday to know more about the trick to have a right title on top Have fun and merry xtmas to all ! -- ChristopheDucamp December 17, 2006 21:13 CET

The aim of BarCampBank is to foster innovations and the creation of new business models in the world of banking and finance.

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