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February 2, 2007

Hi, I'm an Ex High Tech Ceo and now working in the M&A sector in Paris. I believe P2P venture could be (will be) a very attractive for the 1st Bizangels round and also for getting venture money; (business angels provide all together around 250K up to 500K, each one providing from 5K to 200K; venture starts from 1M to 5M, at least in Europe...). At that stage of financing it s not so easy to afford loans due to the fact that the company is not cash flow positive, but it is possible, loans cant be guaranteed by convertible shares...). Very interesting subject and many ways to leverage financing (fiscal subsidies for the investor etc.). Congratulations for Barcamp, very good initiative ! -- PatrickLardant

Hi Patrick and welcome to P2PVenture. We are having BarCamp:BarCampBank3 this week-end and will be discussing the subject. I see that you registered for the event, we'll have the opportunity to meet and discuss further in persons.

I think that a typical BA size is definitely a possibility and requires full analysis. Several people are currently thinking over the subject and some of them will be physically present tomorrow on BarCamp:BarCampBank3.

I'm wondering if there would not be another matching market between very small businesses and former professionals (like a baker who wants to start a new bakery in the regions and looks for money from current and former bakers everywhere in the country).

Both subjects are not mutually exclusive and feedback from online discussions and physical discussions at BarCamp:BarCampBank3 will certainly help to understand how things could be positioned. -- FredericBaud

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