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Questions And Answers

This page is listing the really important questions (and with time all the adequate answer) that relate the understanding of the P2PVenture's BusinessModel.

What is the typical profile of the target enterprises seeking financing through P2PVenture?


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In which investment size the P2PVenture should operate?

Could be micro-loans, 20k ($ or ), 100k, 500k,.. The dynamics of creating a community of investors will create a ceiling to the reasonable amount a coherent "coalition" of investors can put on the table.


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What is the standard profile(s) of the investor that will seek investments through P2PVenture?


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Should P2PVenture work on debts or private equities?


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What are the different economic/legal markets for P2PVenture?

Should P2PVenture be global, mutli-currency from the start? Most probably because of legal issues, the different "instances" of P2PVenture could be started in different spaces (e.g. working in $ in the US; working in $ in the Euroland, in selected Western-European countries, in national euro-market because of local regulations or difference in business culture; in in Japan;...)

Does P2PVenture offer a better deal than current solutions or a deal no-one covers now?

The question is if P2PVenture will cover certain deals that are currently handled by banks of VCs but do it in a more efficient way that these institutions do for these type of deals (and why it is more efficient should be very clearly explained). Or will it provide investments in an economical way to enterprises that are currently out of the loop and opportunities for investors' money that currently are offered unattractive returns?


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What should be the compensation model for the P2PVenture Platform?

Should P2PVenture be compensated on transaction fee, a subscription from investors, a carry interest...


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P2Pventure Live

P2PVenture's Mission is to help creating a full-scale P2P screening and funding platform for startups and small businesses' projects.

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