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ExploraCoeurApero on March 25th, 2009

Let's create together a new OpenMoney the ExploraCoeurEn

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In times of crisis, creting new currencies can help alleviate the lack of traditional currencies. Thus, in Switzerland, during the 1929 crisis, the [[http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banque_WIR WIR]] was created as a regional currency for B2B transactions. This currency is convertible into Swiss Francs. In times of crisis, the WIR monetary mass grows, when conversely in times of properity, this mass dwindles. This currency exists still!


The current crisis destabilizes the traditional means of exchange ($, ¥, €, Sel…). In general, the new technologies and specifically the Web encourages fast appearance of virtual currencies such a Twollars which can be exchanged on Twitter. The **Twollar** is convertible into donation to NGO's. It converts exchanges to say Thank You or resulting "reputation" among Twitter users into real money. Thus the current crisis could lead to the creation of plenty of new currencies, as a consequence or remedy.

ExploraCoeur as a currency and as a project

The creation of a new currency that is convertible into euros raises fundamental questions which are not easy to address by an informal organisation:

- what about a legal framework and regulatory authorizations? What about usage constraints (user's age, i.e. adults vs children)? - how to ensure that the system allows for exchanges based on trust (such as with Sel)? - how to vouch for the value of the new currency? - how to establish credible exchange rates versus the euro, and other currencies such as the LindenDollar, etc?

ExploraCoeur is an open project, based on the complementary contributions of its participants. The experimenters with common interests get together to form various teams.

The project objectives are: a) share our contributions of various kinds : theoretical musings, web design, Twitbank development, Twollar reuse, wiki maintenance, video, SMS, etc. b) field experiment with solutions implemented around the ExploraCoeur, analyze what comes out of the exchanges c) provide the ability to reuse a part or the whole of what will have been devised and done for other implementations of Free Money which could be created with other goals in mind (for ex. a barcamp money, motivation money in an intranet, thankyou money for recommendations sponsored by a brand, grande ecole or university money, complementary money created by a bank, thankyou money within a social network etc.). Every participant is free to reuse all created content in order to... help their business or any kind of activity.

The software solutions are in the process of being swiftly developed (Twitbank, Twollar)! Some extensions to the project will need some financial investments, such as, for instance, the use of SMS to give ExploraCoeur. Intensive usage of Twitbank will entail an investment in computer resources, otherwise there will be a need to move from the bank's current architecture towards a peer-to-peer solution.

The prototype of an internet digital tablet has been demonstrated by Olivier Seres. It would be possible to add a specific button "Give ExploraCoeur" on such a tablet.

Conclusions as of now

We stick to the principle of "Currency as a Game". It's not about creating an actual currency with all the bother that it could potential bring to us (including legal implications). It's about exploring together the creation of a GamingThankYouMoney, whose intrinsic value cannot be translated into euros at the start. The experiment is progressing well, We just remove the principle whereby 200 ExploraCoeur is worth 10 euros. In any case, nobody felt like using their checkbook, except to pay the bill of the excellent meal we enjoyed together !

For further reading: Experimenters; TwollarsFeedback initiated by ChristopheDucamp and MarcTirel

Cet espace de travail a pour objectif de promouvoir le PinkoMarketing en francophonie.

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Si vous vous sentez l'âme d'un PinkoMarketeur, rejoignez-nous sur cet espace de collaboration. Nous serions très heureux de vous ouvrir les portes de ce site pour vous emmener sur l'initiative la plus importante après le cluetrain-manifesto.

Ce site est protégé par Helmut et demeure ouvert en édition si vous acceptez de vous présenter avec un VraiNom. Durant l'année 2013, nous projetons de recruter quelques nouveaux facilitateurs prêt(e)s à avancer sur LaVoieDuPinko.

En clair : pitcher du projet en vidéo afin de poursuivre les premiers efforts chaotiques amorcés lors de l'OpenCampParis1. Nous serions tous particulièrement bienveillants et prêts à aider pour avancer sur de nouveaux BlocsDeConstruction expérimentaux comme la définition de patterns pour rêve et chronorêves.

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