June 27, 2006
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Delete Pages

To delete a page you must have entered a user name at "preferences" because only then the AdditionalFunctions "delete page" link is displayed at the bottom of the page. This is the usual method to bar robots and spammers from certain functions.

A second condition is that the page must be small to be deleted. Only when the PageSize also below a limit (64 characters are configured as default in Option/DeletePageLimit) the "delete page" link is displayed.

So, to delete a page you

  1. (make sure to have entered a user name)
  2. remove the page content by editing and storing.
  3. click the link "delete page" at the bottom of the page
See also: Note: you can undelete pages by restoring a revision from the PageArchive, which is not at all affected by PageDeletion.

Hint: If you have to delete a lot of pages for some reasons, you can set the DeletePageLimit e. g. to a zillion characters then every page becomes directly deletable. This saves a lot of time but don't forget to restore the limit to the lower default value afterwards.