October 18, 2006
How To Admin /
Protect Pages

ProWiki allows to protect the wiki or to selectively protect certain pages.

Quick example: make all pages editable by registered authors only

Put into the TopConfiguration:

  • status.for.edit=Author
or (further examples):

  • (reading is also bound to registered users)
  • status.for.edit=PeterBrown TomGreen (by name)
  • status.for.edit=Admin PeterBrown group.ABC (a mix of one status + names + groups)
  • group.ABC=TomGreen JimBlue (a group definition by names)
  • group.ABC=group.A group.B group.C TomGreen JoePink (a mix of groups and names)
See StatusForEdit for detail.

A common need: protecting the front page

It's common that Admins want to lock the front page from general access. In the examples given we use the name "FrontPage" but this could be replaced by any other page name

Recipe A: add to the "Context" page (the TopContextPage) a line


Recipe B: add a "FrontPage/Context" subpage containing

* 0.status.for.edit=Admin

For details and explanations see WikiContextuality, OptionScope and StatusForEdit.


Consider that protection reduces the chances that people participate, therefore ProtectPages only if it is really necessary.

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