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This page is dedicated to host any discussion to organize the P2PMoneyOrganizedInquiry. Please don't hesitate to chitchat here.

Sam, I'm not sure I get all the things right, so I may just start for the time to put a series of questions I think can be interesting and you'll tell us how this should be incorporated. I'm wondering who is going to read the question and if the term P2PMoney may not seem strange. So I phrased my question with more basic terms.

(added above- Sam)- FredericBaud

Fred, these are great. I'll add them into the inquiry and come up with some tags for them, and add them to the threads I've got going in different groups so far, and make them part of the threads in upcoming places where I ask them.

Also, this can be an offline process, too. I can call people, adn ask them this question, record the call via skype or gizmo, and upload the answer somehwere, link to it, summarize it, and add that to the pool. Or, if you meet up with people face to face, videoblogging, conference calls, etc. Try to record and summarize, or at least just summarize. Will have some blog posting, and many more threads in different communities soon.

I will hold off starting many threads until the about tomorrow or so, to give people a chance to make sure we have all of the key important questions included, because it's harder to include them later (or harder to get answers anyway). So, if anyone has questions you really want included, add them now! -- SamRose

Working on asking these questions in some new places today. Check in diferent tags if you want. I'm finding some promising looking resources.

I actually like Frederic's questions better, they're easier to answer for most people, so I'll use those for the most part -- SamRose

Sam, impressive job you've done!!! Look forward to get feedbacks from your different posts. I have to be thinking if I see any other places where we could post, but seems to me you have been doing an exhaustive job. Anyone with other ideas, please post the questions where you think it makes sense. -- FredericBaud

One little caveat is that the weekend can sometimes be a slow time for instant response. But, we'll see how this turns out after a couple of weeks. There can be a fine line between "OrganizedInquiry" and "spamming the web with my questions", but it's for a good and open cause, and limited to people who should be interested, so hopefully people will not mind at all -- SamRose

Hi Sam, I've just seen that MattCoop from CCTWiki just joined the BarCampBank Google group after having seen one of your posts ( see his thread here). What do you think would be the best way to collect direct answers? We may create threads for each question inside the BarCampBank Google group and let people answer on the corresponding thread (permission allows posting for anyone, provided they have a Google account) or we could create specific wiki-pages for each question and let people express themselves there. What do you think? -- FredericBaud

Cool! What I have been trying to do is to let people answer in their own community, and then eventually do the work myself of aggregating anc collecting those answers into a report. I was going to put a copy of the report both on this wiki, and on a Google Doc page in the google group. I am just using this wiki as a staging area for keeping track of the links to all of the places that I pose the question.

However, I see nothing wrong with putting each question as it's own thread in the google group,and if some people answer there, that is great. In my mind, there is n wrong place to answer these questions, just so long as we know where pepel are putting those answers

So, if we want to put the questions into one thread, or seperate threads in the google group, in case people come across the whole thing via that way, then I think that is a great thing to do. Do you wan to do it, or otherwise I will.

There are some more places that I plan on asking the questions. Some Wikia wikis, and other wiki communities. Plus some yahoo groups, and mailing lists related to this topic. Plus, over the next few weeks, I'll be continuing to gather links in the ma.gnolia group, and going through lots of infromation.

Of course, we can still create a P2P money survey as far as I am concerned, that is a collection of links like you have at BankAndFinanceWatch that is seperate from the "report" for the arganized inquiry, because it is definitely useful to have a categorized collection of links like that. So, I'll also be combing through research and then adding that to the P2P money survey.

So, to summarize what I am doing is:

- P2PMoneyOrganizedInquiry -- Querying communities and eventually summarizing their answers in a report -- Conducting my own research around the more technical and specific questions (what technology alreacy exists, how are people alrady doing this) and using social bookmark sites to aggregate reearch. -- Eventually incorporating a summary of that research into the OrganizedInquiryReport -- Eventually categorizing worthwhile links into P2PMoney survery -- putting it all both here and on the google group in google documents.

Hopefully this all makes sense? Openly researching like this is also a good "PinkoMarketing" way of attracting a community that really caresa bout this, too.

-- SamRose

Hi Sam, I created the corresponding threads in the Google group and put an explanation for readers on a section above. Please, amend as you wish. -- FredericBaud

Hi folks not a lot of time and a bit InformationOverload tonite. Let's say I just divided the document section with this chitchat section to help for any future reworking. My opinion is just that the wiki is not really relevant to drop socialbookmarks (one external link = one rc -> not very good for our S/N ?) How about using the MaGnolia:BarCampBank group ? Discussion, chitchat and document mode could be mixed here in the WikiNet and elsewhere on Google groups and docs. Still convinced that wiki is nice to have a goldenmix. But for the moment, let me just think as an OccasionalContributor that this sort of Google Group process (replication with redundant information) could be considered as old school and a sort of MeatBall:BackStageCommunication ? Just a personal opinion, for me not the best way to be attractive and Pinko. Could we stay focused on content with less chit-chat I'd be happy to hear Jean-Christophe and any other members. Keep on the good work. Cheers. -- ChristopheDucamp March 27, 2007 22:20 CET

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