October 18, 2006
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Select User Interface

Hi Helmut, I'm realizing what I would like for our ProWikiBeta at OurCulture.

I would like the ability for the user to choose the interface appropriate for their level.

The levels I foresee would be:

  • Simple single page edit using the questionnaire driven interface as I have created at
  • A flat wiki that assumes that the user doesn't want to go deeper or rise higher.
  • The fractal wiki.
And also the ability to read the metadata and content, as we have been doing.

It would be good if we might think through such an approach and plan it out and then gradually work towards it. I would do my best to help code and contribute resources.

My practical concern is that I want people to participate at as such without having to think that it is embedded in a more complicated context. But then have the opportunity to see that context and work in it so that projects could be related and support each other. I'm not sure exactly how to organize such co-branding.

AndriusKulikauskas October 18, 2006 12:34 CET

Andrius, ProWiki probably has enough features to support this: AutoLinkStrategies can restrict linking. AutoNewStrategies (=W; pages on wiki/subwiki level) can be restricted to suggest only pages in the flat namespace (AutoNewSelect=0; OFF). Maybe UseSubpage (=0). The question is, whether these restrictions can be "soft" (guiding the user) or must be "hard" (enforcing the policy). -- HelmutLeitner October 18, 2006 20:13 CET